Deposits and investments

A term deposit opened via the Internet bank in euros enjoys an interest rate that is 0.1% higher than a deposit opened at a branch.

We will find the best growing environment for your money.

Savings deposit

From 6 euros, from six months.

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Term deposit

From 190 euros, from three months.

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Overnight deposit

From 100 000 euros, from 1 night.

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Fund administration

The fund administration service of Swedbank offers management companies and asset managers the option of releasing themselves from the administrative tasks associated with funds and investment portfolios and leaving it in the capable hands of Swedbank's top technology and best specialists.

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Saving tips

  • Both the short-term management of cash flow and long-term financial planning help to ensure the availability at the right time of the resources needed for the operations and development of a company.
  • Your company’s everyday financial management must provide the financial resources for your organisation’s primary operations and support your operations, investments and growth.
  • Taking into account the needs of your organisations, the management of liquidity must adapt investments and borrowings over time.
  • The main goal of proper liquidity management is to minimise financing costs while maximising financial revenue.
  • You should select the best investment instrument or group liquidity management solution based on the needs and objectives of your company.
  • We offer working capital management solutions which will help your company save time and automate your processes, thereby reducing the need for working capital.
  • The best liquidity management options are a group account, an interest compensation solution and short-term investments: overnight and term deposits, funds and debt securities.
  • We offer a range of automated payment collection solutions and payment solutions for suppliers for the efficient management of working capital.
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