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Fund administration

The fund administration service of Swedbank offers management companies and asset managers the option of releasing themselves from the administrative tasks associated with funds and investment portfolios and leaving it in the capable hands of Swedbank's top technology and best specialists.

Globalisation of the financial industry and development of financial instruments demands more resources for successful asset management from asset managers. Outsourcing allows us to specialise in certain skills and concentrate more and more on our core business.

Our fund administration service can be divided into different categories:

  • Valuation of fund assets according to NAV rules
  • Calculation of fund and fund unit NAV
  • Fund back office functions
  • Fund reporting to asset manager
  • Fund accounting
  • Fund regulatory reporting
  • NAV distributions

Finding and training specialists, and investing in expensive software that can administer today’s diverse world of financial instruments, is no longer something that management companies have to worry about as all this is offered by the fund administration service of Swedbank.

  • The fund administration service of Swedbank allows management companies to select suitable fund types (investment fund, real-estate fund, property fund, venture capital fund, etc.) and to create the best funds for their investors using multi-currencies, several types of units, different management fees, performance based fee models, etc.
  • The service is provided using specially designed software that is employed by similar companies all over the world and that has proven its reliability and compliance with global standards.

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