Opening an account in a foreign bank

It is possible to open an account in all associate banks of Swedbank without leaving your home country

Legal entities have now via Swedbank the option of opening an account in foreign associate banks that are part of the Swedbank Group as well as the Unicash Group without having to leave their home country.

Who can open the account, and how?

Only Swedbank clients have the option to open the international business account. The application for the account may be submitted by a management board member of a company:

  • bank message,
  • by calling to the business client consultation centre,
  • by visiting the nearest Swedbank’s office.

In the application, please designate in which bank and for what reason would you like to open the account. The time it takes to open an account will depend on the chosen bank.

In which banks can the account be opened in?
  • In the banks of Swedbank Group in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
  • In the banks belonging to the Unicash Group.

Terms and conditions

  • The company has to have had an active account in Swedbank for the last 6 months.
  • The company has to have a connection with the country where the account is requested to be opened. The opening of an account has to be justified and necessary for the business activities of the company.
  • The signing of the documentation of the opening of an account will take place in a bank office, by hand.
  • The necessary documents needed for the opening of an account have to be in English.
Price list

Services offered in the associate banks

  • Pending on the associate bank, the services of having a current account, using online banking, and SWIFT can be used.
  • Further information about the services provided by Swedbank associate banks can be obtained from our client executives or by sending a letter to