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Baltic reports

What is Baltic report?

Baltic reports show the changes in the balances of the accounts tied to the so-called Baltic group account of the company as of the change of day. The balance as of the previous change of day is available to the user of the report by 7:00 am the next morning

Baltic reports are suitable for foreign companies that have subsidiaries in the Baltic States and wish to control their financial operations from their headquarters or Swedbank clients who have expanded their activities into the Baltic States and wish to obtain a regular overview about their subsidiaries and/or affiliates or branches.

Baltic account statement

The Baltic account statement shows the user opening and closing balance in the selected period and a consolidated report on transfers of funds to and from the account.

Benefits of Baltic reports for financial managers

  • Available all over the world through the Internet
  • The option of seeing the consolidated balance of all liquid financial resources in the Baltic States on the basis of the local central bank's rates in a freely selected currency on a daily basis and thereby making the correct financial decisions
  • An overview of the currency position of the group in all Baltic States and/or in each country separately that allows the financial manager to manage the position better
  • The option to receive consolidated information about the group account, overdraft and automatic overnight deposit contracts entered into by subsidiaries all over the Baltic States with banks belonging to the Swedbank Group
  • There is no need to collect the same information and reports from each group company separately

Baltic balance statement

The Baltic balance statement gives you consolidated and country-based information about the balances, limits, reservations, available balances and amounts transferred into overnight deposits in respect of the companies tied to the Baltic group account.

How do I become a user of Baltic reports?

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