Casco insurance and traffic insurance

Very good casco insurance from Swedbank!

  • Free car assistance if your car has broken down either in Estonia or elsewhere in Europe at night or during daytime.
  • Car window insurance without excess.
  • Quick loss adjustment. Compensation decision usually made within three (3) business days.
  • Guaranteed original spare parts for repairing up to five-year-old cars.

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What is casco?

Casco Insurance is a voluntary form of insurance to help you in the event of ordinary damage to your vehicle, regardless of who is guilty and where the accident took place. Casco Insurance covers a wide variety of cases, from broken windows to theft or destruction.

Swedbank offers all-risk insurance to its clients. All-risk insurance covers damage caused by any sudden unforeseen event (e.g. a fire, traffic accident, vandalism, natural disaster, theft and robbery) that damages or destroys the insured item. Events listed among the exceptions are not considered to be insured events.

  • We indemnify damages with value added tax.
  • We indemnify the higher value.
  • Free emergency assistance in Estonia and throughout Europe.
  • Windows are insured without excess.
  • The price of casco insurance will not increase if you pay for it once a month, instead of paying for the entire insurance period at once.
  • Claims handling is quick.

More about advantages

Steps to insure your car

  1. Ask for a personal offer
  2. Take a look at the policy conditions, if necessary, consult our insurance adviser at 888 1513.
  3. Sign a policy, which is immediately available to you on the internet bank.
  4. If necessary, we will ask you to submit photos of the vehicle or carry it out vehicle inspection within 3 days. Guidlines on photographing cars.

We offer you convenient and versatile solutions for insuring your car. The objective of casco insurance is to reduce unexpected expenses in the event that your car becomes damaged or is stolen. We shall take care of a quick and least painless solution of an inconvenient loss situation for you.

Free emergency assistance in Estonia and throughout Europe

Sometimes a car may break down in the middle of a journey due to a technical problem, you may run out of fuel before you reach a fuel station, the car may have a flat tyre or the weather may get so cold that your car will simply not start. Emergency aid is granted to all customers of standard and elite casco insurance. If you are in trouble, simply call (+372) 888 1888 and help will arrive soon.

We indemnify the higher value

With casco insurance you can be sure that in case of damage you will be provided with fair protection and the amount subject to payment is exactly the amount on which we agreed with you upon the entry into the agreement. If the market price of the car before the loss event was higher than that agreed on in the agreement, we shall compensate you for the market price. You will always be compensated for the higher of the two values – either the value of the car agreed on upon the entry into the insurance agreement or the market price of the car before the damage.

Genuine spare parts are used to repair vehicles that are up to 5 years old

In case of repairing cars not older than 5 years, we will ensure the use of original spare parts produced by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s warranty shall extend to the spare parts of high quality and your car is like a new one after the repairs as well. The repairs are carried out at the official representation of the car.

Claims handling is quick

In the event of an accident, it is important for you to have your vehicle repaired or indemnity paid as soon as possible. In our insurance terms and conditions, we promise to make a decision within 10 days; in practice, the decision is made within two days on average.

Suitable payment schedule

We enable you to choose a payment schedule suitable exactly for you. You may pay either on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis – the amount of the insurance premium does not depend thereon. You can pay the Casco insurance premiums of cars acquired with the help of Swedbank Leasing together with your leasing payments.

Towage costs coverage

In the event that it is not possible to drive your car after a loss event, you shall need a towage service. We shall cover the expenses of hauling the vehicle back onto the road or towing, that are reasonable and justified.There is no excess for the towing service.

Window insurance without excess

Car windows get damaged most often. We will repair or replace you damaged car windows without excess. Original parts will be used for cars that are up to 3 years old.

The insurance coverage following damage is not reduced

We shall ensure that the insurance coverage agreed on upon the entry into the insurance agreement shall also be applicable with regard to your car following the damage. You shall have to make no additional payments in order to restore the initial insurance coverage.

Right of withdrawal from the agreement

Upon the entry into an insurance agreement, most of the clients do not have enough time for examining the insurance terms and conditions in detail, as a result whereof upon a loss event it may turn out that the concluded insurance agreement is not in conformity with the client’s actual needs. Swedbank shall offer you a possibility of examining the policy conditions in detail within two weeks following the entry into an insurance agreement, upon a corresponding wish, to ask for additional information and, if necessary, to amend or withdraw from the insurance agreement.

The insurance coverage also includes a light trailer and an additional set of tyres/wheels

A light trailer attached to the vehicle is also insured with the vehicle. The trailer does not have to belong to the policyholder; it can be e.g. a rental trailer. An additional set of tyres and/or wheels are protected against theft if they are kept in a locked storage space.

A security alarm system is not required

We do not require your vehicle to have a security alarm system in order to enter into a Casco insurance contract. Nor does this affect the amount of your insurance payments or compensation in the event of a claim.

If you are involved in a traffic accident, your vehicle has been stolen or it has caught on fire, immediately inform the following persons thereof:

the police, if
  • people got injured in the traffic accident or the parties to the accident could not reach an agreement as who caused the accident;
  • a car or parts thereof is/are broken or stolen;
  • you caused damage, but the person who suffered the damage is not known;
the Rescue Board, if
  • there is a fire, explosion or any other accident (except a traffic accident);
  • due to the accident there may be environmental pollution.

After a traffic accident has taken place, you will have to fill in a traffic accident notification or record facts of the case in some other way (e.g. photos of the site or description of the accident on regular paper if you do not have a traffic accident notification sheet at hand). If you are not at fault for the traffic accident, you can turn directly to the insurance company of the party at fault.

If the traffic insurance of the person who caused the traffic accident is provided by Swedbank, inform Loss Adjustment of Swedbank within 3 business days. You can find the insurance company who insured the other party here

Loss assessment

Depending on the loss event you shall receive a specific code of practice from the claims adjuster of Swedbank. In case your car is roadworthy, we shall recommend you the nearest place where the car survey shall be carried out and where you can fill in damage notice and compensation application. During the car survey the damage to the car as well as the amount of the damage shall be ascertained.

In the event that your car is destroyed or if your car is not roadworthy, a claims adjuster examines at the location of the car.

When going to a car survey, you have to take along the driving licence, technical passport of the car, insurance policies and power of attorney (if there is one). In order to adopt a compensation resolution we may ask for additional documents like a letter of explanation, a copy of an application submitted to the police, etc.

Car repair

After the receipt of a damage notice and compensation application and car survey Swedbank shall formalise a compensation resolution and issue consent to a repair company for carrying out the work, only after then the repair company shall agree with you on the time for the repair.

Excess payment

Having repaired your car the repair company shall issue an invoice to you for excess payment. In the event of theft of the car the excess part shall be deducted from the amount of compensation subject to payment to you. There is no excess in the case of repairing and replacing front, back and side windows.


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