Traffic insurance

Get car insurance conveniently from the bank

  • Pay in monthly payments with no price increase of the policy due to that.
  • Set up automatic payments and policy renewal.
  • The policy is always available in the internet bank.
What is traffic insurance?

Traffic insurance is mandatory to all vehicles that are involved in traffic.

Traffic insurance offers protection in case Your vehicle causes damage to a third party.

In case of an accident, traffic insurance will reimburse, on your behalf, any damages caused to the environment, other vehicles, assets or injuries concerning any third persons.

Why to insure in Swedbank?

Simplify your life - manage your financial and insurance matters in one place. Your insurance policy will always be accessible in Swedbank Internet Bank.

We will notify you when your policy is about to end, and send you a new offer for the next period.

You can set automatic payments and have an option to pay on a monthly, quarterly or half-year basis.

Travelling abroad

Before travelling abroad, please make sure that your vehicles liability is also valid in those countries. When travelling abroad, it is also required to have printed version of your traffic insurance policy so you can verify the availability of your liability insurance.

You are required to have a printed green card when you travel to the following countries.

You can print out green card right in the internet bank.


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