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Home insurance

Not insured:

  • Structures which are in short-term rental for less than one month.
  • Structures used for commercial activity (e.g. a store, a countryside tourism homestead, a hostel, warehouse, production etc). Exception: We do not consider working remotely from home as a commercial activity.
  • Items used for commercial activities. Exception: Insurance will be in force in respect of employer’s office equipment or means of communication provided to tenant for remote working.

The all-risk cover insurance covers damage caused by any sudden unforeseen event, except those mentioned in the terms and conditions as exclusions. Common loss events are covered even if the accidental damages have been caused by your own action. For full protection, include home contents and liability insurance covers.

What is covered:

  • Fire. Unexpected damages like gas explosion will be covered.
  • Burst pipe. NB! Water may damage not only your company's apartment or dwelling house, but also items at home and your neighbours’ homes.
  • Natural forces such as wind, hail, thunder, regardless of the strength of the wind.
  • Electrical fluctuations. Electrical appliances can be damaged, for example, due to overvoltage or other external electrical failures.
  • Theft, robbery, vandalism.
  • An internal electrical or mechanical failure of up to 7-year-old equipment serving the building. For instance, the equipment that ensures the functioning of the heating system, a boiler or another system vital to the building.
  • Damage to the building’s window panes, regardless of the cause of the damage. For instance, a crack in the window pane caused by a rapid change in temperature.
  • Other risks that are not mentioned in the Terms and Conditions exclusion list.

There are exclusions for the insurance cover:

  • Damage caused by long-lasting processes such as mould, corrosion, condensation or humidity.
  • Defective construction or repair work – we will indemnify you for the loss if it leads to a sudden and unexpected event, but we do not indemnify the part of the insured object that caused such loss.
  • Other exclusions that are listed in the Terms and Conditions.

In the Terms and Conditions you can find detailed information about insured events and exclusions, insured objects, principles of indemnification and other important conditions.

See the limitations that apply for certain items

Works of art, jewellery, valuables and antiquities are insured to the extent of up to 25% of the sum insured for home contents. Home contents that are kept in a storage room, basement, garden, outbuilding or sauna house that is included in the insured place, are insured for up to 25% of the insured amount of home contents insurance. Non-installed building materials, non-installed equipment (e.g. sanitary equipment, air conditioner, heating system) and tools are insured to the extent of up to 25% of the sum insured for home contents kept in the locked building. Cash located inside of living house or apartment is insured to the extent of up to 500 EUR. Home contents outside the place of insurance are insured everywhere in Estonia to the extent of up to 5% of the insured amount of home contents insurance. Damage is compensated only if the property was under the direct supervision of the possessor of the dwelling at the time of the insured event. Mobile phones and tablets older than 2 years and laptops older than 4 years are not insured.

Services included in 24-hour emergency assistance

Locksmith services help you open and replace the lock of your door or gate, where necessary. The insurance covers the cost of a new set of locks and the installation expenses if the key is lost, stolen or broken and if the lock or key is damaged. A situation where the possessor of a dwelling has forgotten their key in a locked house or apartment is also considered to be an insured event. Plumber services help you with emergency repairs related to water or heating pipe ruptures (including to close the local water supply) in order to avoid further damage. Drying and cleaning services help you in the case of an emergency where the building is exposed to water as a result of a pipe rupture, flood, storm or precipitation. Builder services help you quickly install a temporary covering for a damaged window, door or roof if the damage is caused by a natural disaster or an unlawful act by a third party (e.g. burglary). The builder services also include removal of a tree fallen on your building.

Protect your company's apartment or dwelling house with home insurance

Home insurance gives you peace of mind when it comes to the apartment or dwelling house your company owns.

  • Your apartment or dwelling house and its facilities will be completely restored in case of an accident.
  • In case of an insured event that involves damage to property that you rent out and the rental agreement is cancelled, we will compensate for up to 12 months of lost rental income.
  • Liability insurance helps if damage was caused by possession of real estate.

See also exclusions and limitations related to business activities

Why choose insurance from Swedbank?

With all-risk cover any unexpected and sudden event is insured if it’s not listed under exceptions.

Examples of insured risks:

  • Fire.
  • Pipe rupture.
  • Natural disasters such as wind, hail, thunder.
  • Robbery, theft, vandalism.
  • Accidental damages caused by your own action.

See more examples

  • Personal belongings in your company’s apartment or dwelling house and outbuildings are insured. Read some limitations.
  • Liability insurance covers damages caused to third parties, e.g. when: the staircase of an apartment building is damaged due to a fire that broke out in the place of insurance, the apartment of neighbours below you is damaged due to a flood in your apartment.
  • 24-hour emergency assistance, which enables you to use locksmith, plumber, drying and cleaning and builder services.
  • The place of insurance will be restored with modern construction and furnishing materials, pursuant to valid construction requirements.
  • The deductible is 0 euros in the case of both emergency assistance and an insured event if the damage is proven to have been caused by a third party. The usual deductible per insured event is 190 euros.
  • If insured items can’t be repaired, we’ll apply the principle of “new replaces the old”.
  • In the event of damage to an apartment that has been rented out, if the rental agreement is terminated, we will compensate for up to 12 months of lost rental income.

Include three protections into one agreement

Structure insurance

In case of an accident, the place of insurance will be completely restored to its pre-event conditions. The insurance also automatically covers the facilities included in the insured place (e.g., the garden and playground).

What can happen:

  • Floor damaged by washing machine leakage.
  • Ignition of built-in furniture as a result of damaged home appliance.

Home contents insurance

Covers damage to property located at the place of insurance, if it is caused by an accident or theft, or if an item (e.g., electronics, sports equipment) is accidentally broken through the fault of the possessor of the dwelling.
Consider a few limitations.

What can happen:

  • Damage to stove caused by a falling bowl.
  • Damage to electric device due to thunder.

Liability insurance

This cover applies when damage has been caused to a third party.

What can happen:

  • A pipe breaks and the water damages the apartment of the neighbours below.
  • Fire and smoke damage the apartment of the neighbours above and the property in it.
  • Submit your application via Business Internet Bank or write to or call 888 1513.
  • If you find our offer acceptable, we shall proceed to issue an insurance policy and invoice you for the first instalment. The contract enters into force after the first instalment has been paid.
  • Insurance cover will come into force from the date chosen in contract or on the next day after concluding it. The insurance policy is always available in your Internet Bank.

First, make sure to call to the Emergency Centre and notify your property management company or housing association, if necessary. If the situation is safe, please fill in the claim form in the Internet bank as soon as possible.

Fill in the claim form

Our claim handling specialist will contact you and provide further guidance.

In case you need 24-hour home emergency assistance, please call 888 2111 (24h).

  • If a third party has caused damage to the insured place or home contents, as well as in a case of theft or burglary, please report it to the police immediately.
  • In case of fire or explosion, please immediately notify the Emergency Centre.
  • If you are unable to close off the pipes damaged in the incident, contact the Emergency Centre or your property management company.
  • If, as a result of water leak, your apartment or dwelling house is flooded or there’s a risk of flooding neighbours, please notify your property management company.
  • Also notify your security service if it has not been alarmed by the security system.

All-risk insurance provides a sense of security in case of virtually any accidents.

With Casco Insurance you’ll be covered in case of unexpected events on the road.

A card enabling additional money and secure travel for your company.


Insurance claims handling

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