About Casco Contract

During the insurance period you may need to have your insurance agreement amended: you wish to amend the excess amount, insure the accessories acquired meanwhile, drive abroad with the car or your data have changed.

In order to make amendments:

Extension of the insurance cover

Additional equipment and improvements

If you make improvements to your vehicle or purchase additional equipment that increases the value of your vehicle during the insurance period, we ask you to let us know by calling 888 1513.

Extra protection for the replacement car

It is possible to add Extra protection for the replacement car to the insurance agreement. You may choose the amount of daily allowance to be either 30 or 60 euros. Swedbank shall cover the costs of using a replacement car within the extent of the daily allowance during up to 30 days. The insurance premium to be attached depends on the amount of the daily allowance. In order to receive extra protection for the replacement car call client support telephone 888 1513.

Travel abroad

Before travelling abroad with your car, check the area of application on your policy. The area of application is the region where the insurance cover is applicable upon driving your car. In most cases the area of application is Europe, except Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. 


Amending the excess

The higher the excess rate selected by you, the smaller the insurance premium. Upon amending the excess rate, the applicable insurance agreement shall be terminated, the prepaid insurance premium shall be returned and a new policy shall be issued. Upon the reduction of the excess rate, an additional insurance premium shall have to be paid. Upon the increase of the excess, the insurance premium prepaid by you shall be returned. If you wish to find out how much the amendment of the excess affects your insurance premium, call 888 1513. In order to terminate an agreement and conclude a new one, please submit the application for amendment of the insurance agreement (PDF).

Amending the field of use

The field of use is the application of the car. The field of use may be normal use, taxi, short-term rental vehicle (the term of the rental agreement is less than 6 months), operational vehicle of a security company, emergency vehicle and vehicle for driving practice. If the wrong field of use has been specified in the insurance policy, Swedbank shall apply triple excess in case of a loss event.

Amending contact data

In the event of any changes in the personal or contact data, please notify Swedbank thereof. An additional policy shall be issued to you with regard to the amendment of the data. Please examine your data also on the extension policy. If you have purchased your car under lease and change the lessor during the insurance period, the data on the beneficiary shall also have to be amended on the policy. Contact data can be amended on the private customers’ opening page of the Internet bank. Contact data can be amended on the private customers’ opening page of the Internet bank.

Selling the car

Upon selling your car, you may terminate the existing insurance agreement or notify us of your wish to change the policyholder. After selling your car change the policyholder as quickly as possible as in the event of any arising damages the party who assumes liability shall be the policyholder.

Withdrawal from contract

You have the right to withdraw from the insurance contract within 14 days after signing it. In that case, send us an application for withdrawal from an insurance contract (PDF) with your bank account number and your prepaid insurance premiums will be repaid to you.

Premature termination of the agreement

In order to terminate an insurance agreement prematurely, you shall have to submit an application in writing. The insurance agreement shall be terminated on the date agreed on with you in advance and the prepaid insurance premium shall be returned. The termination is accompanied by no additional fees.

Expiry of the agreement

An insurance agreement shall expire on the last day of the insurance period. An insurance agreement shall also expire if you fail to pay the insurance premiums or in the event that following an insured event the sum insured has been paid to you in the entirety thereof.

Updating your contract for the next insurance period

Extending the insurance contract is easy and convenient. We will issue you a new policy a month before the end of your previous insurance period. Insurance cover shall apply after the first payment has been made.