Stock financing

Warehouse financing service may be used in case of different new vehicles.

  • Stock financing is the right choice for companies whose current assets largely comprise warehouse stock.
  • Stock financing enables a company to effectively manage its circulating capital and to improve cash flow.
  • The security for warehouse financing is new vehicles that are purchased, in stock or in transit.

The advantages of stock financing:

  • Stock financing releases money that is caught up in warehouse stocks;
  • Exchange of information becomes more operative by offering you the opportunity to gain an overview of all transactions via internet bank and signing documents through the DigiDoc website;
  • You are able to combine different financing solutions (letter of credit, factoring).
  • Terms and conditions

    The minimum stock financing limit is
    200 000 EUR

    When entering into the contract, there shall be agreed the limit, within which the vehicles in stock will be financed.

    Payment deadline up to 180 days
    Ordinary payment deadlines are 60, 90 or 120 days. When you use our stock financing service your deadline can be up to 180 days.

    The advance limit
    We finance up to 80% of the amount of warehouse stocks.

    Contract term of up to 12 months
    The stock financing limit shall be entered into for a contractual period, which is generally 12 months. When the agreement comes to an end you have the opportunity to extend it.

    The goods must be insured and Swedbank Leasing must be indicated as the beneficiary in the insurance policy.

  • Procedure

    1. The goods are delivered to the sales rooms;
    2. The documentation is forwarded to Swedbank Liising;
    3. Swedbank Leasing pays you the agreed advance limit from the price of the goods;
    4. To recover the right of ownership of the goods, you should transfer to Swedbank Liising the agreed fees;
    5. Swedbank Liising issues the notice on the release of goods;
    6. The right of ownership will transfer back to you.


Applying for stock financing is simple and convenient. Submit the documents to us along with your application and we will contact you with regard to entering into an agreement.

Once all of these documents have been presented and the terms and conditions of the contract have been agreed, we will inform you of the place and time at which to sign the contract.

The factoring agreement establishes the terms and conditions regarding the contract and advance limits, the payment deadline, interest, contract fees and invoice commission fees. You should bring a personal identity document with you when you come to sign the contract. If you do not have representative rights as indicated in the articles of association of your company, you will require authorisation.

Documents required for application for stock financing:

  • Application (in estonian)
  • Financial statements:
    - audited annual accounts of the previous financial year;
    - atest quarterly balance sheets and income statements.
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