Applying for factoring is simple and convenient. Submit the documents listed below to us along with your application and we will contact you with regard to entering into an agreement. You can present your first invoices to us immediately after signing the contract.

The documents you need to apply for
factoring are:

  • Application
    If necessary you will be asked to submit additional documents that are required for entry into the agreement.
  • Financial statements:
    - audited annual accounts of the previous financial year;
    - latest balance sheets and income statements.
  • Orders or sales/purchase contracts whose claims are to be sold.

Once all of these documents have been presented and the terms and conditions of the contract have been agreed, we will inform you of the place and time at which to sign the contract.

The factoring agreement establishes the terms and conditions regarding the contract and advance limits, the payment deadline, interest, contract fees and invoice commission fees. You should bring a personal identity document with you when you come to sign the contract. If you do not have representative rights as indicated in the articles of association of your company, you will require authorisation.

If you have any questions or wish to agree on a time for consultation, please forward us your company’s details.

If you have further questions, you can get in touch directly with our business client executives.