Car leasing

Car leasing

Flexible and fast financing solutions for acquiring new or used property

  • Convenient overview of leasing contracts in the Internet bank.
  • All car-related expenses on a single invoice.
  • We offer casco insurance as well as motor third party liability insurance.
  • Enjoy more favorable conditions by choosing an environmentally friendly car.

Car lease calculator

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Flexible solutions

Our long experience and wide selection of products enables us to offer you the best solutions. We offer leasing for new and used cars, motorbikes, recreational craft, ATVs and snowmobiles.

Everything from the same place

In the Internet bank and in any Swedbank branch you can conclude casco and motor third party liability insurance contracts along with a lease contract.

Convenient settlements

If you have concluded casco and motor third party liability insurance contracts in Swedbank, then the insurance costs will be added to your monthly leasing payments.

Contract information in the Internet bank

You can find an overview of your lease contract in the Internet bank.

Terms and conditions
  • We provide financing for vehicles (incl. commercial vehicles)
  • The cost of property from €5000 upwards
  • Property not older than 15 years by the end of contract
  • Self-financing from 10%
  • Leasing period up to 5 years

Types of leasing

Capital lease

Is suitable if you wish to be the owner of the leased property after the expiry of the contract.

Operating lease

Is suitable if you wish, first and foremost, to use the property. Upon expiry of the contract, you can return the property to the seller, buy it out with the residual value or apply for a new lease contract for the residual value.

What to do in the case of a loss event?

  1. Upon an insured event, you must notify the insurers that have issued the motor third party liability insurance policy and the casco insurance policy at the first opportunity, however not later than in 3 business days.
  2. Besides the insurance companies, you should notify in writing also Swedbank P&C Insurance in 3 days

Read more about the casco and motor third party liability insurance

Notification in case of insured event

  • Contact for the cases related to the loss events pertaining to the insurance contracts concluded with Swedbank P&C Insurance AS
  • 888 2111 (24h)