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Car lease

What business requires, car lease delivers!

Especially favourable conditions for environmentally friendly cars!
Leasing interest rate from 1.49% + 6 month Euribor*.

  • Leasing interest rate on new cars – from 2.49%+ 6 month Euribor.
  • We offer casco insurance as well as motor third party liability insurance.
  • Option to include casco in one monthly payment.
  • Fill in the application in just a few minutes.

*Negative Euribor equals to zero.


Car lease calculator

Type of car
Car price
Down payment

Financial lease Operational lease (rent)
Monthly payment 0 EUR 0 EUR
Residual value No remaining value EUR
CASCO Insurance*


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* Type of insurance – Standard CASCO insurance, deductible for all events 190 €, theft 15%, but not less than 190 €, broken glass – 0 €.

The offer is indicative only. The calculations may differ depending on the vehicle selected and the customer’s insurance history.

  • Become the owner of the car at the end of the lease period
  • Gradually pay out car purchase value and interest within the lease period
  • Possibility to return a car to the buyback provider or buy it out for residual value at the end of lease period
  • The seller of the asset is a private person or a company not liable to VAT.
  • Goods are not subject to VAT.
  • No VAT is added to the monthly payments.
  1. Fill in an application via Internet Bank or apply for consultation.
  2. If the seller is not a cooperation partner of Swedbank, order the valuation report of the car.
  3. The lease agreement may be signed via Internet Bank.
  4. Pay the down payment, contract fee invoices.
  5. Register the vehicle in the name of Swedbank Liising AS at the Traffic Register Bureau of the Road Administration.
  6. The car must have valid CASCO insurance and Traffic insurance. If your CASCO insurance provider is not Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, send a copy of the policy by e-mail to
  • Leasing available for passenger and light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes).
  • Financed amount from EUR 5 000.
  • Interest rate from 2.49% + 6 month Euribor*.
  • Down payment from 10%.
  • At the end of lease period vehicle have to be not older than 15 years.
  • Repayment period up to 6 years.

*If the Euribor is negative, it will be valued equal to zero.

Get special conditions when purchasing an electric, low-consumption or hybrid car.

  • Interest rate from 1.49% + 6 month Euribor when buying a car with a CO2 emission level not exceeding 95 g/km*.
  • Interest rate from 1.89% + 6 month Euribor when buying a car with a CO2 emission level of 95–130 g/km*.
  • Special conditions include Swedbank casco insurance with an 10% discount for the first year.
  • The offer is valid for the purchase of a new or used car from cooperation partner of Swedbank, leasing agreement has to be signed digitally.
  • Negative Euribor equals to zero.

*According to the light vehicles test procedure (WLTP) data.

  • Car lease fees

You can:

  • extend the term;
  • apply for a grace period;
  • make early partial repayments.

To change the contract please submit an application

Authorisation for Use of The Vehicle

  • Using the vehicle in Estonia and elsewhere in the EU no authorisation is required.
  • Using the vehicle in another foreign country fill in the Application for Authorisation.

    If you intend to drive to or in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine or Uzbekistan with a leased vehicle or motorbike, you will need to have a Comprehensive Insurance Policy added to your Casco Insurance.

  • Changes in The Vehicle Registry Data

    If you would like to change the registry details of the vehicle, you will need an unattested letter of authorisation issued by Swedbank Liising AS in order to take registry steps in the Road Administration. Application for authorisation to take registry steps in the Road Administration.

  • Early Termination of Contract

  • Contract Expiration

  • Termination of Operating Lease with Residual Value

  • Transfer of The Lease Contract to A Third Party

  • Termination of Full Service Leasing

  • Operations at The Road Administration

  • Casco and Traffic Insurance

Free car assistance and guaranteed original spare parts for repairing cars not older than five years.

All contracts of financial services in one place. You don’t need to worry about payments, they will be paid automatically from your bank account.

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