Car full service leasing

Full service leasing is the right choice for you if you want professionals looking after your vehicles

Full service leasing contract includes the following:

  • Administration of invoices
  • Customer card
  • Advising

Full service leasing contract includes the following:

Administration of invoices

This service gives you a right to make purchases at our cooperation partners on behalf of Swedbank Leasing or pay for the services which are related to the use of vehicle. You can choose whether you want to pay the costs according to the incoming invoices or the budgeted costs will be divided equally between the payments of full service leasing. Because the monthly summary invoice is prepared on the basis of the invoices accrued during the previous calendar month, it will also extend your payment deadline. It is possible to add all the vehicle related costs to the monthly lease payment:

  • regular technical maintenances;
  • technical check-ups;
  • changing and storing tyres;
  • car washes;
  • delivery service;
  • replacement car;
  • supplementary tyres;
  • other expenditure.

Customer card

Our customer card is a proof of the right to use the service. When using the customer card, our cooperation partner submits invoice to Swedbank Leasing and you do not have to settle the accounts on the spot. In addition, you can also benefit from the discounts that our cooperation partners provide for Swedbank Leasing. Customer card is applicable only to the vehicle related transactions during the validity of the full service leasing contract.


Swedbank Leasing shall advise you on issues related to the management and use of the object of lease. We shall make appointments for regular technical maintenance and technical check-up at the time most convenient to you and organise tyre replacement. Upon booking a service appointment through Swedbank Leasing, you shall be given a priority.

Handling insured events

Upon occurrence of an accident, Swedbank Leasing shall organise the whole communication with insurance and repair companies, in order to complete the repair works of your vehicle as soon as possible. You can call our 24-hour hotline, in order to obtain operative information and advice for formalisation of documents and regarding other issues.

Fuel station card

You can use your fuel station card when paying for the equipment related to fuel, car wash and technical maintenance. All the purchases made with the card shall be added to the monthly payment of full service leasing. Depending on the type of card and fuel station chain, the cards can be used in Estonia or also outside Estonia. We offer a selection of fuel station cards of several service providers: Statoil, Neste, Alexela, Olerex.


It is possible to add both voluntary comprehensive insurance and mandatory motor third party liability insurance to the payment of full service leasing. In case of comprehensive insurance, Swedbank Liising AS shall be a policyholder and insurance shall also include a 24-hour emergency service both in Estonia and Europe, except for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey.

Application forms

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Terms and conditions and application

  • Purchase price of the vehicle must be at least 3000 EUR (without VAT).
  • First downpayment from 10% of the asset’s value.
  • Validity of the contract up to 5 years.
  • Age of the property the vehicle can be up to 15 years old upon expiry of lease term.
  • Leased asset must be insured.

To apply for car full service leasing (car, minivan, space wagon or jeep), please fill in the application and send sales proposal, your company’s balance sheet and income statement for the last quarter to your customer executive or to the address

Actions in case of insured event

Upon occurrence of accident with your vehicle, you must immediately notify us thereof (no later than within three workdays). We ask you also to fill in notification of loss of the vehicle, to add a copy of driver’s licence and vehicle registration certificate and forward this via e-mail to