Equipment Lease

We are offering you leasing that allows you to acquire both used and brand new equipment and machines

  • Payment for the property to be acquired can be spread over a long period
  • The purchased property also serves as collateral

Equipment Leasing calculator

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Type of lease
Financial lease is a leasing transaction where you pay the total cost of the asset and interest during the leasing term and then become the owner of the asset.At the end of the operating lease term you can return the asset to the back buyer, purchase it at the buy back value or prolong the contract.Hire-purchase is a transaction similar to financial lease, where the seller of the property is an individual or a legal entity not VAT liable. At the end of the leasing contract you will become the owner of the asset.
Residual value
Monthly payment

We offer different types of leasing

Capital lease

In the case of capital lease, you become the owner of the leased property at the end of the lease period.

Operating lease

At the end of the operating lease period, you can return the property to the seller, purchase it at the residual value or apply for entering into a capital lease contract for the residual value of the equipment. You can use capital lease for acquiring a vehicle only if the property is sold by one of Swedbank’s cooperation partners who is prepared to buy back the equipment at the expiry of the leasing period.

Hire purchase

You can use hire purchase to acquire a vehicle from private persons and companies that are not required to pay VAT. You will become the owner of the property after the leasing period expires.


  • With equipment lease, you can conveniently obtain agricultural equipment (agricultural tractors, combine harvesters, coupling devices, farm equipment and other agricultural and forestry equipment); construction and warehouse equipment (hoists, cranes, loaders, excavators, quarry machinery, special-purpose tractors); industrial and production equipment (machine-tools for woodwork, machine-tools for metalwork, milling machines, angle machines, other industrial or production equipment).
  • We finance up to 90% of the price of the purchased property, which means that you will not have to pay the whole price at once.
  • The purchased item serves as the collateral in the case of leasing and additional collateral is not required as a rule.
  • We offer you a possibility to conclude an insurance contract along with the lease contract. The service is convenient, because thereafter you will receive only one invoice for lease and insurance payments.

Terms and conditions and application

  • Value of property from 6000 EUR
  • First downpayment from 10% of the property’s value
  • Validity of the contract up to 5 years (up to 6 years on case of combine harvesters)
  • The leased vehicle must be insured for the whole lease period
  • We offer leasing with co-financing of Enterprise Estonia and Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB).

If you want to obtain commercial vehicle for your company, please submit leasing application and add necessary documents to the application (sales proposal, the most recent balance sheet and income statement of the company;) and send these to your customer executive or to the address

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