Financing eligibility checker

Check yours!

What is financing eligibility made of?

A company’s financing eligibility is affected by various factors, such as its finances, credit history with the bank or other parties, business experience and relationship with the bank.

Here we explain them all in comprehensive detail and list ways to improve your financing eligibility.

AML questionnaire

Thank you, your AML questionnaire is up-to-date.

Your AML questionnaire has either not been completed or is out-of-date. Please update it.

An up-to-date completed anti-money laundering questionnaire is a prerequisite for applying for a financing from Swedbank.

Relationship with the bank

By being an active client of Swedbank, you create favourable financing conditions for your company.

Thank you for being our client! However, your account has not been active lately. Learn more about the wide variety of products we offer to companies.

A successful long-term relationship of a company and its key people with Swedbank creates beneficial conditions for financing.

Blocked accounts

None of your accounts at Swedbank is blocked.

One or more of your company’s accounts at Swedbank are blocked.

All your company’s accounts at Swedbank are currently blocked.

Blocked accounts can be a clear indication that a company is experiencing difficulties.