Small loan

Additional funds to expand your company and grow your business

Loan amount

* The data provided by the calculator is for information purposes only and gives you general indication of the size of monthly loan payments.

Monthly payment

What is it for?
  • The fastest way to finance smaller investments and working capital of the company.
  • Suitable for IT development, repairs and renovations, tools, hardware and other business needs.
  • For covering expenses related to promoting products and services.
  • Suitable for companies already in business.
Main conditions
  • Limit from 2000 € up to 25 000 €.
  • Term up to 5 years.
  • Annual interest rate from 9% to 12%, determined individually for each company.
Possible collaterals
  • Private person surety from an owner of the company and a guarantee of the European Investment Fund EaSI programme.
  • If the only collateral is the surety of board member or owner, the maximum loan amount is 15 000 € and the maturity can be up to 3 years.