Loan against suretyship

Additional funds to expand the company and grow business

  • The fastest way to finance smaller investments of the company.
  • Not required pledge on assets, the loan is issued against the surety of a private client.
  • Suitable for a company that has started economic activities.

Conditions with EaSI guarantee

  • Loan amount is up to 25,000 euros.
  • Term is up to 6 years.
  • Collateral: surety of private client who is owner of the company.
  • The contract fee is from 195 euros.
  • Without EaSI guarantee loan against suretyship amount is maximum 15 000 eur and maturity can be up to 3 years.

Required documents

  • loan application;
  • the last annual report if it has not been submitted to the Commercial Register. The balance sheet and income statement submitted may not be older than 12 months;