Flexible funding opportunity of working capital

  • Possibility for the current account to become negative within the agreed credit limit.
  • Suitable for balancing uneven cash flow caused by payment deadlines and for covering unexpected expenses.


  • Limit is up to 50% of the company’s average monthly net turnover of the last six months, min. 2,000 euros.
  • Term is up to 1 year.
  • Collateral:
  • Contract fee is 1% of the amount a year, min. 195 euros.
  • Commitment fee is a fixed percentage of up to 2% a year of the unused part of the limit.

Required documents

  • loan application;
  • the last annual report if it has not been submitted to the Commercial Register. The balance sheet and income statement submitted may not be older than 12 months;
  • in the event of property collateral, a valuation report from a real estate agency accepted by the bank.