E-invoice standing order agreement is the most convenient way to pay the bills.

You can enter into an e-invoice standing order agreement for the invoices you have ordered. Once this is done, the bank will automatically make the required transfers on the basis of e-invoices sent to you. You only need to ensure that your company’s account has sufficient funds at the right time. No fee will be charged for entry into an e-invoice standing order agreement. No fees will be charged for payments of e-invoices with standing orders.

Monthly limit and partial payment of an invoice

When you set up your agreement you’ll need to set a monthly limit for the payment of your e-invoices. If the amount of an invoice exceeds the limit, its payment depends on whether you have permitted partial payments in your agreement. If you have authorised partial payments, an amount that constitutes at least half of the invoice and does not exceed the established limit will be transferred to the beneficiary. If partial payments are not authorised or the account has less than half of the amount of the invoice, payment will not be made. Make sure that your agreement establishes a sufficient monthly limit and you have the required funds in your account on the payment date.

Date of e-invoice payment

When setting up your e-invoice standing order agreement you can determine when automatic payments will be made:

  • on the second day following receipt of the invoice;
  • on the due date specified on the invoice;
  • on a specific payment date (this option can only be used if this is permitted by the invoice sender).

The bank will pay the invoice on the due date specified on the e-invoice, if:

  • the due date specified on the e-invoice is earlier than the specific payment date chosen by you;
  • the due date specified on the e-invoice is approaching, but the specific payment date chosen by you has passed.

If you wish, you can change the terms and conditions of the e-invoice standing order agreements in the Internet bank.

Payments for journal subscriptions are made one month in advance. This means that when the first payment is made, the amount payable for the next month will also be debited from your account. Therefore, double the usual amount will be taken from your account in the first instance. Take this into account when setting your monthly limit.

E-invoice standing order agreement

Terms and conditions of e-invoice standing order agreement