E-invoices – a smart and simple way to manage your everyday bills

  • User-friendly:All your invoices in one place – Internet Bank.
  • Free of charge: Payments made on the basis of a standing order agreement are free of charge.
  • Convenient: E-invoices can be paid automatically.
  • Be informed: Get notifications about e-invoice status.
  • Environmentally friendly: E-invoices completely replace paper ones.
Manage your bills easier

E-invoice is an invoice that is sent, received and processed electronically instead of the paper invoice.

  1. E-invoices are convenient and quick to manage recurring payments, i.e. bills for internet or mobile services, utilities, insurance premiums and others.
  2. You can view, print, save or archive your e-invoices and check their payment status.
  3. E-invoices are stored in your Internet Bank for 18 months from the day of receipt.
How does it work?
  1. You can order e-invoices in the Internet Bank. Choose if you want them to be paid automatically.
  2. Service provider will deliver the e-invoice to your Internet Bank. The first e-invoice will be sent to You the next month after the service provider will issue it.
  3. You can pay e-invoices by making ordinary payment. If you have ordered e-invoice standing order agreement, your e-invoices will be paid automatically.