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Domestic payment

Payment of State Fees

State fees must be paid to account no. 221023778606 of the Ministry of Finance. Only the state fees payable for the international operations of the Patent Board and to the Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre must be paid to the bank accounts of these two institutions. The reference numbers of state fees are available on the homepage of the Ministry of Finance.

If you pay a state fee in the Internet bank, you will not have to obtain a confirmation of your payment from a branch. Information about your state fee payment will reach the relevant authority immediately after it is received in the account of the Ministry of Finance.

Make sure you indicate the purpose of the payment and the person on whose behalf you pay the state fee in the details of the payment, otherwise the payment will be deemed as impersonal and you will have to pay the state fee again. In order to get back incorrectly paid amount, you have to contact the institution the reference number belongs to.

Domestic payments can be used to make transfers from your Swedbank account to any other bank in Estonia. Payments between banks move fast and the money is generally received in the payee’s account on the same day. Intra-Bank Payment is the quickest and the cheapest i.e. both you and the payee have accounts in Swedbank. In such a case the money reaches the payee´s account in an hour at the latest.

Intra-Bank Payment

If both you and the payee have accounts in Swedbank, then the money will be received in the payee’s account in an hour at the latest. Payments made after 10 pm will reach the payee the next day at the latest. Intra-bank payments made in the Internet bank cost 0,16 euros.

Domestic Payment

Transfers to other Estonian banks usually reach the payee the same day if the payment is made before 4:30 pm. Payments made in evenings, at weekends and on public holidays will usually reach the payee the next business day.

Instant Payment

The Internet Bank (choose New Payment) and Swedbank’s new app, Swedbank Eestis, enable both private and business customers to make payments up to 15,000 euros in instant payments. Instant payments generally reach the recipient in a few seconds and can be made to all local banks that offer the opportunity of receiving them. At the moment, Swedbank clients can make instant payments within Swedbank itself, Coop Pank, LHV and SEB. The payments can be received from European banks that have joined the pan-European system of instant payments. You can check with the recipient’s bank whether they enable instant payments and the list of participating banks can be found on the official website of the Eba Clearing. As per other euro-based SEPA payments, incoming instant payments are free of charge. For outgoing instant payments the price is the same as for ordinary domestic payments in euros; with no additional fees.

Future Payment

If you need to transfer money some time in the future, you can prepare a payment order for up to a year in advance. You do not need to have sufficient funds for the payment in your account on the day you prepare the payment order. However, you need to make sure that you have the required funds in your account on the payment date.

Annulment of Payments

If you find that there were errors in the details of the payment order, but you still made the payment, please contact our client helpline immediately by calling 613 2222.

Foreign Currency Transfers

You can only transfer foreign currencies to accounts in Swedbank by domestic payments. Foreign currency transfers to other Estonian banks can only be made with international payment orders. You must also keep in mind that you will be charged the international payment fee for such payments.

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