My Alerts

An alert gives you a quick and easy overview of the transactions on your account.

  • Alerts will be sent by e-mail or text message.
  • Alerts will be sent 24/7 or between 8 to 23.
  • An alert costs 0,19 euros. The service charges due for the alerts sent during the day will be added up and the amount will be debited from your account the following day.

Add new alert

Balance changes

You always know what is happening on your account if you order alerts about any increases or decreases of your account balance, or both. Information will also be sent to you in an alert about the available balance of your account. When ordering the alert you will need to define the smallest amount from which we will send you the alert.

Balance minimum alert

You will save yourself from the unpleasant surprise of finding that there is less money on your account than you thought if you order the balance minimum alert. We will always send you an alert when the balance on your account falls to the amount defined by you.

Payment deadline reminder for e-invoice

If you order a payment deadline reminder for an e-invoice, we will send you an alert about the deadline approaching for an e-invoice you have to pay by hand. That way you don't have to remember each separate payment deadline.

Loan, e-invoice standing order and standing order payments

You can order an alert about whether your standing order-,loan payment or e-invoice standing order payment has gone through or not.

It is possible to order separate alert about the ending of e-invoice standing order agreement. You will receive an alert when your contract is about to end either one month or five days in advance. If necessary, you can change the ending date of the contract.


You will immediately learn about any e-bills you have received if you order the e-bill alert. This way, you will always know which bills have arrived in your Internet bank.

  • You can also order alerts about your accounts to other users (the person has to be also user in your Teleservices agreement).
  • If you change your phone number or e-mail, please change it also for the alerts.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, please call the Consultation Centre 6 310 310 immediately and close all the services associated with your phone number as quickly as possible.
  • The alert service is blocked automatically if client hasn’t paid the service fees within three days.
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