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Swedbank Gateway

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Make your business processes more efficient!

With Swedbank Gateway, you can use banking services directly in your company’s business software.

  • New! Payment Link generation service.
  • Other banks account information through one channel.
  • Real-time information on the processing of receipts and payments.
  • The same solution in all Baltic countries.
Operator channel Direct channel
Technical integration Already done by Operator* Implementation needed in cooperation with business software provider
Data flow Customer – Operator – Bank Customer- Bank
Data storage Operator Customer
Subscription fee Free of charge 60 €
Monthly fee Free of charge 25 €

I hold joint rights of representation of the company and will submit an application

* Operator – Cloud based ERP or accounting service provider. See a detailed list under “Business software”.

What is Swedbank Gateway?

Swedbank Gateway is a solution that combines banking services with the company’s business software, making accounting easier to manage.

  • You can work with the company’s account details directly in your business software.
  • There will be no need to switch between different environments.
  • The solution also allows you to use the services for accounts in other banks.

Available services:

  • New! Payment link – generating a link to receive money for send to the payer.
  • Account statements – for previous day – sent automatically and for any periood / current day – by request.
  • Account balance – for current or previous day.
  • Payments – domestic (including salary payments) and international payments with payment status information.
  • Online notifications – real-time account transaction information.
  • Payment cards report – automated payment card transaction data sending.
  • E-invoices – automated incoming/outgoing e-invoices processing.
  • Sending declarations to the Tax and Customs Board – KMD*, TSD* and TÖR* data can be sent to the Tax and Customs Board directly from the accounting software.
  • Currency exchange rates – operative overview of current and past cash and transmission rates.
  • Other Banks account service – account statement.

* KMD – Value added tax return
* TSD – Declaration of income and social tax, unemployment insurance premiums and contributions to mandatory funded pension
* TÖR – Registration of employment

Operator Channel steps:

  1. Sign Swedbank Gateway service agreement via Internet Bank. The company’s representative who has the sole right of representation according to the Commercial Register can sign the agreement in the Internet Bank using Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, ID card or Digi-ID.
  2. Service will be activated after agreement is signed.
  3. Please notify your Operator about concluding Swedbank Gateway Agreement.

Direct Channel steps:

  1. Fill in the application.
  2. Receive all the information and integration tools for implementation.
  3. Sign the agreement.
  4. Swedbank Gateway service will be activated.


Effective as of 21.09.2023
Swedbank Gateway Operator's channel Direct channel
subscription, including ordering the device sertificate free of charge 60 €
monthly fee free of charge 25 €

Additional services

alert 0,10 € per alert 0,10 € per alert
current day account statement 0,50€/query 0,50€/query
Payment Link 0,12 € per successful payment 0,12 € per successful payment
Payment Link monthly fee free of charge 15 €
monthly fee of other banks account services free of charge 15 €

Fees for Operator

subscription, including ordering the device certificate 60 €
monthly fee to Operator as agreed
monthly fee of other banks account services for Operator as agreed
Payment Link monthly fee as agreed

Fees of identification tools used in digital channels

Issuing a company's device certificate The period of validity of the certificate is marked in the certificate's data. Device Certificate is the electronic certificate with which the client’s information system creates the connection to Swedbank Gateway and confirms the messages sent to the bank. 60 €


Effective as of 26.10.2023
entry into an agreement free of charge
each alert sent by the bank 0,19 €

Swift services

Effective as of 01.05.2021
SWIFT services from an account held with Swedbank
SWIFT MT940 – outgoing statement
agreement fee 25 € When concluding MT940 and MT101 agreements for the same BIC/SWIFT code and for the same account at the same time, the agreement fee is charged for only one agreement.
monthly account fee 35 € If MT940 and MT101 agreements apply to the same BIC/SWIFT code and the same account at the same time, the monthly maintenance fee is charged for only one agreement.
SWIFT MT941 – outgoing statement of intra-day account balance 1 € per message
agreement fee 25 €
SWIFT MT942 – outgoing statement of intra-day operations 1 € per message
agreement fee 25 €
SWIFT MT101 – incoming payment order
agreement fee 25 € When concluding MT940 and MT101 agreements for the same BIC/SWIFT code and for the same account at the same time, the agreement fee is charged for only one agreement.
monthly account fee 35 € If MT940 and MT101 agreements apply to the same BIC/SWIFT code and the same account at the same time, the monthly maintenance fee is charged for only one agreement.
making payment orders according to the payments price list in digital channels

The business software user does not have to handle the technical development, it is done by the operator. You only have to sign an agreement to start using the services.

Technical development may require specific client-specific solutions. To sign an agreement, please submit an application.

  • The Payment Link generation service can be integrated directly into any system used by your company.
  • The links generated can be used in various cases, e. g. in a PDF invoice, e-mail and text message, Internet.
  • One Payment Link with the same payment data can be used and paid by multiple payers.
  • All funds paid through Payment Links are transferred directly to your account with Swedbank.

Payments can be made from the major Baltic banks (SEB, LHV, Coop bank and others).

  1. Request a Payment Link in your system.
  2. Send the invoice containing a Payment Link to your payers/customers.
  3. Clicking on the Payment Link opens a prefilled payment form with non-editable data.
  4. Payer pays the invoice from their account with Swedbank or other bank.
  5. Money is transferred to your account with Swedbank.

Direct channel:

  • Apply for the Payment Link service at the bank.
  • Integrate the Payment Link service into your company’s system.
  • Sign the agreement and activate the Payment Link service.

Operator channel:

  • Add the Payment Link service to your Swedbank Gateway agreement.

Note! Please contact your operator about the Payment Link service if it’s not currently supported.

Based on the principles of open banking, you can conveniently use the services of other banks’ accounts through Swedbank Gateway. It is available to all Swedbank Gateway direct channel and operator channel clients.
  • Data from multiple bank accounts is managed automatically in your accounting through a single service provider and a single channel – Swedbank Gateway.
  • One channel via one Swedbank Gateway integration is cheaper and easier for customer and Operator.
  • For day-to-day accounting, you can easily use your own account statements held at other banks.
  • The current day account statement can be used up to four times a day.

Joined banks:

  • In the Baltics: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor and Citadele
  • Local banks: Coop Pank (Estonia), LHV (Estonia) and Šiauliai (Lithuania), and Urbo bankas (Lithuania)

More details:

  • For a more detailed list of banking transactions, click here.
  • PSD2 defines the technical conditions of the services: the right of access to the services of other banks’ accounts must be renewed every 180 days and there are limits on the length of the withdrawal period.
  • A maximum of 1,000 transactions in one file.
  1. Add Swedbank Gateway service for other bank accounts to your agreement.
  2. Give consent to access your other bank accounts.
  3. If you are a direct channel client, please read the technical documentation and connect the service for other banks’ accounts to your accounting software.

    The services offered by operators are included in the ‘Business software’ > ‘Business software with operator channel partners’ by clicking on the name of the asset.
  • Security of transactions is ensured via Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and multiple levels of encryption.
  • Valid data communication certificate is needed for connection.
  • Execution of transactions requires each user’s approval by using a mobile-ID, ID-card, Digi-ID or Smart-ID.
  • Option to set services available for each of your accounts.
  • Option to set payments’ daily and monthly limits.
  • Option to set double acceptance for payments.

Useful information

European Payments Council has postponed the planned changes for payment schemes till 17th March 2024. Accordingly, the new payment messages described in “ISO description of payments” Version 2.0 and the updated Version 1.11 can be used from 18th March 2024.
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