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Make your accounting easier!

Swedbank Gateway service links your accounting software with Swedbank services.

  • Instantly available account information and payment processing.
  • Automated large volume data exchange 24/7 hour.
  • Real-time notifications of transactions.
  • The same solution in all Baltic countries.
  • Quick and easy connection via Operator’s, appointed by you, channel.
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Operator channel Direct channel
Technical integration Already done by Operator* Implementation needed in cooperation with business software provider
Data flow Customer – Operator – Bank Customer- Bank
Data storage Operator Customer
Subscription fee Free of charge 60 €
Monthly fee Free of charge 25 €
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* Operator – Cloud based ERP or accounting service provider.

What is Swedbank Gateway?

Swedbank Gateway is a convenient account management solution for linking your accounting software with banking services, thus making accounting management more eficient for you.

  • Service is integrated directly in your information or accounting system.
  • It has no end-user interface of its own.
  • Possibility to work with Swedbank’s information directly from your own business software.
  • Opportunity to operate your Swedbank accounts across the Baltics.

Available services:

  • Account statements:

    • for previous day – sent automatically;
    • for any period/current day – by request.
  • Account balance – for current or previous day.
  • Payments – domestic and international payments with payment status information.
  • Online notifications – operative coverage of information about payments.
  • POS reports – automated payment card transaction data sending.
  • E-invoices – automated incoming/outgoing e-invoices processing.
  • Currency exchange rates – operative overview of current and past exchange rates.

Operator Channel steps:

  1. Sign Swedbank Gateway service agreement via Internet Bank.
  2. Service will be activated after agreement is signed.
  3. Please notify your Operator about concluding Swedbank Gateway Agreement.

Direct Channel steps:

  1. Fill in the application.
  2. Receive all the information and integration tools for implementation.
  3. Sign the agreement.
  4. Swedbank Gateway service will be activated.
Swedbank Gateway entails an agreement fee and a monthly fee; the transaction fees of the transactions made in the channel are based on the general price list.

Internet-bank for business clients The prices of payments made in electronic channels (Internet Banking, Internet-Bank for business clients, Swedbank Gateway) have been given under the Bank transfers.

Effective as of 09.04.2018
Monthly fee free of charge
Intra-bank payment in EUR 0,16 €
Domestic payment in EUR 0,38 €

Swedbank Gateway

Effective as of 03.01.2019
Direct channel
Direct channel package
subscription, including ordering the device sertificate 60 €
monthly fee 25 €
Operator's channel
Operator`s channel package
subscription free of charge
monthly fee free of charge
Current day data package - includes current day automated account statement Starting from 3rd of January 2019 new agreements are not concluded.
monthly fee 25 €
Fees for Operator
subscription, including ordering the device certificate 60 €
monthly fee to Operator as agreed
Additional services
Alert 0,10€/ alert
current day account statement 0,50€/ query
current day automated account statement (3 times per day) Starting from 3rd of January 2019 new agreements are not concluded. 35€ one account/ one month

Telephone bank

Effective as of 01.09.2015
Subscription free of charge
Monthly fee of the operator service free of charge
Payments via the operator service
intra-bank payment in EUR 2.30 €
domestic payment in EUR 3.20 €


Effective as of 27.01.2020
entry into an agreement free of charge
each alert sent by the bank 0,19 €

Bank link

Effective as of 31.03.2014
Subscription 65 €
Transaction fee 1% of the purchase price, no less than 0,13 € but no more than 3,20 € per transaction
Authentication fee 0,11 € per instance VAT at the rate of 20% will be added to the price.
Amendment of a Bank link agreement 15 €

Fees of identification tools used in electronic channels

Effective as of 01.04.2019
PIN calculator
unlocking a PIN calculator free of charge
Issuing a client’s confirmation certificate (B4B) on a crypto-stick The period of validity of the certificate on a crypto-stick is in the certificate's data. The certificate on the crypto-stick is used for signing payments in the Swedbank Gateway channel. 160 €
Issuing a company's device certificate The period of validity of the certificate is marked in the certificate's data. Device Certificate is the electronic certificate with which the client’s information system creates the connection to Swedbank Gateway and confirms the messages sent to the bank. 60 €
  • Security of transactions is ensured via Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and multiple levels of encryption.
  • Valid data communication certificate is needed for connection.
  • Execution of transactions requires each user’s approval by using a mobile-ID, ID-card, Digi-ID or Smart-ID.
  • Option to set services available for each of your accounts.
  • Option to set payments’ daily and monthly limits.
  • Option to set double acceptance for payments.

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