Swedbank Gateway

Swedbank Gateway allows for:

  • secure banking transactions using the business software of your company;
  • automatically obtaining information from the bank regarding changes in the account balance and thus for automating work processes;
  • quick and easy connection via Operator’s Channel.

Use Swedbank Gateway services via Operator’s channel

Swedbank Gateway Operator’s channel connects quickly and easily your company Swedbank accounts to your ERP software account and gives overview of transactions on account(s) in the same business software environment. All required technical steps for Swedbank Gateway connection creation are performed by Operator. Customer should just sign Swedbank Gateway agreement.

Service is provided by:
  • Briox
  • Directo
  • Hausing Technologies
  • Korto
  • Merit Tarkvara
  • Suno365

Functionality and advantages of Swedbank Gateway:

Swedbank Gateway is a data communications channel that brings together the information systems of your company and Swedbank. Unlike in the corporate Internet Bank, the channel does not contain a bank program for the end user, but is meant to be used directly in your business software. By using the same message formats the accounts of your company can be administered concurrently in all the Baltic banks of the Swedbank Group.

  • the last day’s account statements are sent automatically (allows for automatic processing of incoming and outgoing payments);
  • allows for an overview of the current account balance and the account balance on previous days;
  • national and international payments (incl. currency conversion) can be made simply in the business software of your company;
  • an alert allows for operative coverage of information about incoming payments in your business software (you can deliver the goods
    to the customer immediately after the accrual of the payment);
  • with the help of payment card service reports you can automate verification of card transactions;
  • e-invoices are sent to the bank directly from the business software of your company (no need for any interim file export/import);
  • e-invoices addressed to you are sent automatically;
  • administration of direct debit remitter agreements through the automatic periodic report is convenient;
  • currency rates gives an operative overview of various rates (current and past central bank, cash and transmission rates).

Gateway agreement (PDF)

Business software with Swedbank Gateway support

In order to use Swedbank Gateway a company needs to have business software with Swedbank Gateway support or develop the required interface for their software.

  • Basware Banking

  • INTELSYS Bank Communicator for SAP ERP

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Swedbank Gateway

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