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User rights and limits

Make changes free of charge!

Determine who can do what in your company’s Internet Bank

Conveniently administer your company’s Internet Banking users:

  • Configure their account and payment limits
  • Change user profiles
  • Add or remove users

User rights

You can add additional Internet Bank users and choose limited or full-access mode rights for each of user.

Preparation of payments Information Information and payment All services
Preparation of payments
Information on currency exchange rates
Information on account transactions
Currency exchange
Approval of payments
Signing agreements The right to sign agreements in the Internet Bank independently or with another user. To obtain the right to sign agreement, a legal representative of the company (a member of the management board) must visit a branch or contact the company’s account manager in the bank to request adding the relevant right to the agreement. Agreements can be signed when logged in to the Internet Bank with Smart-ID, ID card, Mobile ID or Digi-ID.

Administer your company’s Internet Bank users and be in total control of the company’s account, agreements and permissions.

  • Add and remove users
  • Grant new rights
  • Revise, revoke and suspend user rights
  • Set user-based limits
  • Change daily and monthly limits for users
  • Check daily and monthly limits
Important: This functionality is available only with Smart-ID, ID card or Mobile-ID authentication tools!

Depending on your status in the company you will have the administration feature added automatically or you will have to enable it at a branch.

If a company has one or more individuals with individual rights of representation in the commercial register, they will automatically be granted administrator rights for the Internet Bank. If a company has several persons with joint representation in the commercial register, the administrator's rights are validated at the branch or by the company's manager. If you wish to enable the user administration feature for another person, then the authorized signatory must visit a branch. Book an appointment at branch here.

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