Business Debit Card

Company cards

Debit card with credit card features

  • Chance to shop online, book plane tickets and hotels, rent a car.
  • Ordering a bank card to the company’s contact address.
  • Paying for goods and services in Estonia and abroad.
  • Withdrawing money from ATMs in Estonia and abroad.
  • Depositing money to a company’s account via Swedbank’s ATMs across Estonia.
  • Contactless payments.

The debit card is a convenient means of payment for the company’s employees to enable using the funds in the company’s account. In addition to the standard debit card functions you can use the card to pay online, book hotel places or rent a car.

The user’s rights and limits

The following can be determined for each card owner

  • use limits (daily, weekly or monthly limit);
  • use rights (paying by card and/or withdrawing cash).

The use rights and limits of the debit card contract can be amended in the Internet bank by a user that has the signatory right or the company’s legal representative that has the sole right of representation according to the commercial register.

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Contactless payments - an even quicker way of paying by card

Since October 2016 we are going to issue new contactless debit cards. These cards will allow you to make purchases of up to €25 without having to slot the card into the payment terminal or enter your PIN. You only need to tap it against the terminal. This way your everyday purchases will be even quicker and more convenient, while being just as safe as before.

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Secure purchases online

We wish for shopping in e-stores to be convenient and secure for you. If you wish to use the card to pay in an e-store, the MasterCard or Visa card used for it must be joined with the secure Internet shopping programme..

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