Business Credit Card

Company cards

A card enabling additional money for the company, with which you can also pay bills

  • Transfers in the Internet and mobile bank directly from the credit card account.
  • Paying for goods and services in Estonia as well as abroad.
  • Withdrawing money from ATMs in Estonia as well as abroad.
  • Depositing money into the company’s account through Swedbank’s ATMs across Estonia.
  • The credit card is convenient to use in the company’s daily financial affairs.
  • There is an interest free period of up to 30 days (from the purchase until the payment date) when paying by card. The used limit outstanding by the 1st date at the latest is automatically deducted from the settlement account related to the credit card. If there are insufficient funds in the settlement account for the automatic repayment of the entire used limit, interest calculation commences. If a mandatory standing order is determined in the contract (5% of the credit limit), it is deducted from the account and interest calculation commences on the outstanding used limit.
  • If you wish you can make additional deposits into the credit card account to increase the card limit or repay the used limit at any time.
  • We will issue a credit card for a company that has operated for at least 6 months. The credit limit is calculated on the basis of the company’s turnover and credit history – min. 300 euros.

The user’s rights and limits

The following can be determined for each card owner separately from the credit limit

  • use limits (daily, weekly and monthly limit);
  • use rights (paying by card and/or withdrawing cash).

Secure Internet shopping

We wish for shopping in e-stores to be convenient and secure for you. If you wish to use the card to pay in an e-store, the MasterCard or Visa card used for it must be joined with the secure Internet shopping programme.

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