Business Credit Card

A card enabling additional money for your company that can also be used to pay bills

  • Make transfers via Internet Bank and Mobile app directly from your credit card account.
  • Paying for goods and services, including at online stores.
  • Deposit money into your company’s account via Swedbank’s ATMs across Estonia.
  • Withdraw money from ATMs in Estonia and abroad.
Card for your daily financial affairs
  • A credit limit of 300-15 000 €.
  • There is an interest-free period of up to 30 days (from the purchase until the payment date) when paying by card. Interest is calculated from the moment you make a credit transfer or withdraw cash from your credit card account.
  • It is important for shopping online to be convenient and secure. In order to pay with the card online you must activate Secure Internet Shopping.

Activate Secure Internet Shopping

Manage user rights and limits easily
  • Several cards can be ordered and linked to a single account and credit limit is used by these employees.
  • Individual usage limits and rights can be set and modified via Mobile Bank (Android only) or in the branch for each cardholder.
  • By adjusting the user rights settings, you can allow or disable various card transactions like payments, withdrawals, deposits, contactless functionality and account statement or balance requests.
  • User rights and limits can be amended in mobile bank with Smart ID or Mobile ID by the company’s legal representative who has the sole right of representation according to the commercial register.
Use contactless payments
  • The contactless card enables you to make purchases quickly and conveniently without having to enter your PIN. You only need to tap the card against the payment terminal.
  • Contactless payment feature can be enabled or disabled. The change will take effect after one payment confirmed with PIN. If you accidentally tap the terminal two or more times, only the first tap is registered.
  • Time to time some smaller purchases will still need to be confirmed using your PIN.

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