Internet shopping

In order to make card payments in e-stores, activate Internet shopping!

The Internet shopping option must be activated separately in case of each new card. Before you make a purchase online, make sure the store is safe.

Renewed and replaced cards that were enrolled before and are sent via post will be enrolled automatically.

Card payments in e-stores

  • Activating Internet shopping

  • Enter the correct data

  • Confirming a transaction

  • Further verification of identity via Swedbank Internet Bank

  • Possible reasons for unsuccessful payment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I note when shopping online?

  • What should I do if I enter my user ID or codes incorrectly?

  • How can I cancel the Internet shopping option in my card?

  • How do I know whether an online store has signed up to the ‘Secure Internet Shopping’ programme?

  • Which Internet Banking authentication tools may be used for confirming online purchases?

  • If I cancel the Internet shopping option in my card, can the merchant withdraw money from my account?

  • What happens to the Internet shopping option if my card is renewed automatically or if I order a replacement card for myself?