Payment collection

  • Accepting card payments

    Accepting card payments can help businesses boost turnover and turns commerce secure. Money from card transactions reaches the company quickly and conveniently. You can rent or buy the terminal required for accepting card payments from Swedbank. Swedbank also offers free trainings on accepting card payments.

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  • E-invoices

    Electronic bill is a convenient service that allows companies to cut the time and money they spend on processing bills. An e-bill suits a company whose clients, both undertakings and private individuals, in the majority are willing to use the Internet Bank and prefer to receive electronic bills instead of bills on paper.. Customers of company who have E-invoice service agreement, can conclude e-invoice standing order agreement for paying invoices. Based on active e-invoice standing order agreement bank will process payments based on incoming invoices. Possibility of automatical payment processing allows company to plan their credits on account in advance. The following can be sent as e-bills: sales invoice, credit invoice, invoice-waybill, prepayment invoice, etc.

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  • Electronic commerce

    E-Commerce makes expanding your business easier for you - the e-commerce payment solution does not know state border.You need the following to use the e-commerce payment solution: a secure website, e-shop and a well working system for delivering your goods to your clients.

    Trading on the Internet is simple and secure if you provide your customers with an opportunity to pay for the goods and services through the Bank Link.

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