E-invoice sending service

There are two options to send an e-invoice to the bank.

  1. A company sends e-invoice files in the xml 1.11 format to the bank itself.

    Entry into an e-invoice agreement

    NB: To enter into an agreement in the Internet bank, the legal representative of a company must have an agreement signing profile in the Internet bank agreement.

  2. A company uses a service provider to send invoices:

    • Fitek AS
    • AS Eesti Post/Omniva
    • www.korteriyhistu.net
    • www.e-arved.eu
    Submission of a application

Principles of sending, paying and ordering e-invoices

  • An e-invoice must be sent to the bank at least three settlement days prior to the due date specified on the invoice.
  • If a company has specified a period of payment dates in an e-invoice agreement, the e-invoice file must be sent to the bank two days prior to the specified period. In this case the payer who has entered into an e-invoice standing order agreement can rely on the fact that a payment is made on a specified payment date.
  • If an e-invoice is sent to a client whose payment date has passed but the due date specified on the invoice is still ahead, the bank makes an automatic payment on the due date.
  • The bank does not accept e-invoices, the due date of which has expired.
  • An e-invoice already sent to the bank can be terminated by a credit invoice. For terms and conditions of preparing a credit invoice, see the Swedbank’s technical conditions for sending an e-invoice .
  • The recipient of the invoice can order an e-invoice from a company in the Internet bank. The invoice sender receives a report, specifying who has ordered the e-invoice. A company should check at least once a month, whether there are new clients who want to receive an e-invoice. The report provides information about payers who have expressed their wish to receive an e-invoice from the company in the current or previous month in the Internet bank or at a bank branch.
  • E-invoices reach the payer even if the recipient of the invoice does not use the Internet bank. The e-invoice sender can send invoice in two ways – to the bank and on paper. In case of e-invoice standing order agreement, invoice can be paid automatically.
  • E-invoices are as acceptable as orginal documents in accounting.

Additional services in sending the e-invoice

  • An e-invoice sender can prepare the invoice following the template of the company.
  • If desired, the e-invoice sender can order reports for e-invoice standing order agreements and payments. Overview of reports.
  • Prior to ordering additional services, please examine the price list.