Accepting payments online

Expand your business and sell goods and services online

Sale of goods and services on the Internet is one of the fastest growing business areas, which allows companies to sell their goods across state borders. More and more people prefer to shop online due to its convenience, simplicity and security. For expanding your business and accepting payments customers make online we offer the Bank Link and E-Commerce solutions.

Possibility for making online payments and identification of customers

Bank Link service allows the use of both collect payments and identification of customers – you can choose whether you would like to use these services separately or together.

During identification of the customer the bank shall confirm the correctness of the person’s personal code and name to the company. Identification of the customer allows the company to make personal offers to the customer.

  • Simple – customer pays for the purchase immediately on the Internet Bank with pre-filled payment order.
  • Fast – funds will be transferred to the company’s account within an hour after the money has been taken from customer’s account.
  • Convenient – payment environment adapts to the smart device of the customer.
  • Secure – connection between the customer and the bank is securely protected, which ensures that unauthorized persons cannot access the transmitted data.

Legal persons registered in Estonia or in the European Union member state having current account in Swedbank can sign the Bank Link usage agreement.

How does Bank Link work?
  1. Customer chooses product or service.
  2. Automatic data transfer with the bank to transmit information related to the purchase takes place.
  3. Customer will be directed to the pre-filled payment order on the Internet Bank.
  4. Company is informed after the successful payment.
What do you need for using the Bank Link?

Possibility for online payments, where customer can pay for goods and services with credit card.

  • Allows accepting or to accept also credit cards issued outside Estonia. Helps to increase number of customers and transactions as well as turnover of the company.
  • We ensure secure collection of payments with 3D Secure Internet shopping programme.

Legal persons registered in Estonia or in the European Union member state having current account in Swedbank can sign the E-Commerce usage agreement.

How does E-Commerce work?
  1. Customer chooses suitable product or service and confirms transaction amount.
  2. Automatic data exchange with Nets Estonia AS takes place.
  3. Customer will be directed to the web-page of Nets Estonia AS for entering card data.
  4. Nets Estonia AS authorizes the transaction via international card organization.
  5. Company is informed after the successful transaction.
What do you need for using the

For accepting the card payments online you need technical solution with i-payment terminal. I-payment terminal allows payment confirmations. Nets Estonia AS offers technical solution, processing and monitoring of transactions and reporting.

2.1 Commission fee on the transaction amount as agreed
Smart terminal transaction 1.45%
imprinter transaction 3.45%
A Card Not Presented transaction (transaction on the Internet) 3.45%
2.2 Fee for a technical device
rent of a payment terminal in month
stationary terminal 12,50 EUR (1)
mobile terminal(2) 19,17 EUR (1)
stationary, mobile terminal(2) 15,83 EUR (1)
stationary terminal with bluetoothconnection 15,83 EUR (1)
installation of terminal on following banking day 100 EUR (3)
installation of terminal within 10 banking days free of charge
replacement of card payment terminal at the client’s request by calling out a technician 15 EUR (3)
penalty for failure to return payment terminal on time cost of terminal according to certificate
2.3 Smart terminal purchase fee (Seller: Hansab AS) 104 EUR (1)
2.4 Payment card service on the Internet (for merchants)
2.4.1 Commission on transaction amount as agreed
2.4.2 Technical equipment fee
contract fee 64 EUR
terminal rental in month 16,67EUR(1)
2.5 Free for amendment of payment card service contract 15 EUR
3. E-invoice
3.1 E-invoice sending service (1)
subscription 30 EUR
amendment 10 EUR
subscription to domestic e-invoice service (4) 8 EUR
3.2 The fee for sending a e-invoice (per invoice sent) (1)
intra-bank invoice 0,19 EUR
domestic invoice 0,50 EUR
e-invoice credit note free of charge
printout and posting of one invoice of one page 0,58 EUR
printout of each following page of the invoice 0,11 EUR
3.3 Implementation of the company’s design template in the Swedbank Internet bank (1)
the first implementation 32 EUR
each subsequent change of the template 28 EUR
3.4 Agreement about reports (based on e-invoice agreement) (1)
e-invoice standing order agreements report fee 9,50EUR/ month
e-invoice standing order agreements payments report fee 9,50EUR/ month

(1) VAT at the rate of 20% will be added to the price.

(2) Minimum rental period for terminal is 3 months. If the terminal rental is terminated before the minimum rental period, the Bank shall have the right to debit the sum of rental fees still payable for that moment as one-time payment.

(3) The price is inclusive of VAT at the rate of 20%.

(4) The fee will be calculated for each e-invoice sending registration application sent to bank, who is member in crossusage system.

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