Accepting payments online

Expand your business and sell goods and services online

Sale of goods and services on the Internet is one of the fastest growing business areas, which allows companies to sell their goods across state borders. More and more people prefer to shop online due to its convenience, simplicity and security. For expanding your business and accepting payments customers make online we offer the Bank Link and E-Commerce solutions.

Possibility for making online payments and identification of customers

Bank Link service allows the use of both collect payments and identification of customers – you can choose whether you would like to use these services separately or together.

During identification of the customer the bank shall confirm the correctness of the person’s personal code and name to the company. Identification of the customer allows the company to make personal offers to the customer.

  • Simple – customer pays for the purchase immediately on the Internet Bank with pre-filled payment order.
  • Fast – funds will be transferred to the company’s account within an hour after the money has been taken from customer’s account.
  • Convenient – payment environment adapts to the smart device of the customer.
  • Secure – connection between the customer and the bank is securely protected, which ensures that unauthorized persons cannot access the transmitted data.

Legal persons registered in Estonia or in the European Union member state having current account in Swedbank can sign the Bank Link usage agreement.

How does Bank Link work?
  1. Customer chooses product or service.
  2. Automatic data transfer with the bank to transmit information related to the purchase takes place.
  3. Customer will be directed to the pre-filled payment order on the Internet Bank.
  4. Company is informed after the successful payment.
What do you need for using the Bank Link?