Cash handling and transport

A debit card allows depositing money into the company´s account through ATM´s across Estonia at a time most suitable to You

If you still have to deal with cash in your daily business, there are several options for depositing it to your bank account safely and quickly. The best solution for your company depends primarily on the size of your cash turnover and your location. As cash transaction are not only inconvenient, but also pose a security threat and increase the likelihood of mistakes in transaction sums, we recommend that companies consider electronic payments as the primary form of payment collection.

Cash handling

  • Swedbank has the largest ATM network, which you can use to deposit cash on your company’s bank account at any time. You can deposit up to 5,000 euros per month free of charge. For larger amounts service fees apply.
  • If the cash turnover of your company exceeds 5,000 euros per month or if there is no cash depositing terminal close to your business, we recommend trusting the cash transport to professional service providers. Professional cash transport services providers in Estonia are AS G4S Estonia and Hansab.
  • You can also deposit cash in bank branches, but then fees apply. Please find the price list