The use of cash is decreasing in Estonia and the use of electronic settlements is becoming more active

In addition to being inconvenient, cash handling involves risks and takes time. We advise companies to consider electronic payment collection solutions, such as

Cash handling and transport services

If you still have to deal with cash in your daily business, there are several options for depositing it to your bank account safely and quickly. The best solution for your company depends on the size of your cash turnover and your location. If the cash turnover of your company exceeds 5,000 euros per month or if there is no cash depositing terminal close to your business, we recommend trusting the cash transport and handling to professional service providers. Professional cash handling and transport services provider in Estonia is AS G4S. The highest security measures are taken upon transporting your funds. This means that deliveries are made using specially equipped cars and by trained personnel. Using professional and secure cash transport services is the right choice if you want to save your company’s time and money and manage the risks related to handling cash.

AS G4S Eesti is currently transporting and processing most of the cash circulating in Estonia. Long-term experience, a large fleet and three cash processing centres across Estonia ensure that your funds will be transferred to your accounts quickly and safely. Please ask a personal offer for your company:

Cash depositing terminal

Swedbank has the largest depositing terminals network across Estonia. You can use the cash depositing terminal to deposit cash at any time, irrespective of the opening hours of bank branches. You or your employees need a business bank card to use the cash depositing terminal. You can deposit up to 5,000 euros per month free of charge. The service fees for larger amounts can be found here. Cash depositing terminals only accept euro banknotes (5-500) and up to 100 banknotes can be inserted at a time. You will find the location of the nearest cash depositing terminal here.

Depositing cash in a branch

You can also deposit cash in bank branches. Please find the price list of cash depositing and the location of the nearest branch here.