Shopper Profile Report

Get a close-up picture of your customers and their potential!

  • Learn about your customers who pay by card to understand their behavior.
  • Explore such data as gender, income, age etc. to make informed business decisions.
  • Receive reports based on real data for an affordable price.

Report types

Basic Standard Detailed
Special price (excl. VAT) (valid until 31.08.2020) 52.5EUR

Standard price 105 EUR excl. VAT


Standard price 625 EUR excl. VAT


Standard price 1300 EUR excl. VAT

Card transaction volume
Private customer profile by cardholder age, gender, income and language preferences
Corporate customer profile by cardholder company turnover and language preferences
Market view
Combined profile by cardholder age, gender, turnover, income and language
Regional view
Heat maps
Economic sector view
Extended point-of-sale based view
Scattering map graph

View sample report

View sample report

View sample report

Shopper Profile Reports are available in English only!
Benefits for your business
  • Helpful for analyzing the specifics of each particular outlet.
  • Helps making informed business decisions based on real data with high statistical accuracy.
  • Useful for marketing activity planning and follow-up.
  • Complementary angle to your loyalty card data.
What is Shopper Profile Report?
  • Report is available for merchants whose payment card acquiring has been provided by Swedbank for at least one year.
  • Customer profiles are created based on Swedbank cardholders transactions during the last 3 months.
  • Report contains a general statistical overview of the merchant´s point of sale on the basis of the last 12 month.
  • Each report will be available for your company on the Business Internet Bank site for 3 years.