E-commerce payment solution makes expanding your business easier for you

  • Profitable - credit card payments may increase the turnover of your company by as much as 50%.
  • Secure - it uses the security programmes of international card organisations: Verified by VISA from VISA and Securecode from Mastercard. These solutions ensure that card transactions on the Internet can only be made by cardholders.

Usage of payment solution

To be able to use the E-Commerce payment solution, you need:

  • contract with regard to servicing the Swedbank payment cards on the Web
  • secure Web-site and e-store
  • well-functioning system for delivering the goods to the clients
You can see on the drawing how they payment with the card is done with the new e-commerce payment solution

To make the transaction the customer uses the solution what has been made on your e-commerce page.

  1. The customer chooses the suitable product or service in your e-store and approves the transaction amount. Your program prepares a card transaction query, which is signed electronically.
  2. The query is sent to the Nets Estonia AS.
  3. In the course of conducting the transaction, the customer automatically enters the payment page of the Nets Estonia AS, where he enters his credit card number and its term of validity, CVV (Card Verification Value), and name. The full card information will be kept by the Nets Estonia AS and it is not sent to the merchant.
  4. The system of the Nets Estonia AS authorises the transaction through the international card organisation corresponding to the card and at the same time identifies the payer.
  5. The customer is displayed a response about whether the transaction was successful or not.
  6. After the customer has approved the transaction, the merchant gets a message concerning the execution of the transaction.


We offer you a new e-commerce payment solution. It is more secure as it uses the security programmes of international card organisations: Verified by VISA from VISA and Securecode from Mastercard. These solutions ensure that card transactions on the Internet can only be made by cardholders.

It is very easy and convenient to make purchases on the Internet, but the relative anonymity of the transactions may make the security questionable because the merchant does not always know whether the buyer is the cardholder. This risk can be reduced by complying with the security rules recommended by the banks. We always tell our customers, which network connection to use in order to ensure correct transmission of the data between the bank and the Web store. E.g., when requesting the customer data it is recommended to use SSL – Secure Sockets Layer.

All transactions which are conducted at the web store, must be carefully monitored. If there is any doubt of fraud, it is worth notifying the bank immediately thereof. The newest solutions help to minimize the risk of fraud and the merchant can focus on its business. Keeping a web store is not very expensive and certainly develops yours business in the positive direction.

Visa and MasterCard have established strict rules for all participants in the card business for preserving card information that are in detail established in the following document. Therefore Annex 4 belongs to the E-Commerce contract. In case of E-Commerce service offered by Swedbank the card owner enters his/her credit card data directly to the server of the Nets Estonia AS while executing a transaction and related thereto the merchant can quite easily meet the requirements for the protection of card information developed by the international card organisations but that does not release the merchant from his/her liability.


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Documents and conditions

  • Our company is willing to accept credit card payments on the Web, what do we have to do for that?

    In order to offer your clients the service of accepting payment cards on the Web, you need:

    1. contract with regard to servicing Swedbank payment cards on the Web;
    2. We expect that you take care of programming the application for your Web page.
  • Is Swedbank also offering a technical solution for providing payment card services on the Web?

    Only the Nets Estonia AS provides technical solution for technical servicing of payment cards on the Web. But first you have to sign a contract with Swedbank – based on that contract technical solution for servicing credit cards on the Web can be used.

  • Can a self-employed person conclude an E-Commerce contract?

    Only a legal person can conclude the E-Commerce contract.

  • Our company offers different products on different websites. Is it necessary to indicate all those Web addresses in the E-Commerce contract concluded with Swedbank?

    It is possible to link only one E-Commerce contract with one specific Web page address. Thus a separate E-Commerce contract must be concluded for each Web address.

  • I payment terminal is mentioned in the contract. What is that?

    This is the technical solution that the Nets Estonia AS is going to offer you. This solution allows you to send queries to the Nets Estonia AS regarding transactions, and to receive answers. You are also granted the right to operate in the Web environment comprising information in regard of transactions executed.

  • Is Swedbank offering support for programming an e-store to our company's website?

    Swedbank offers support for meeting the security requirements of e store, but the store owner must programme the e store application. We can recommend you IT companies that have offered our merchants the service of establishing an e store.

  • Does Swedbank provide complete instructions how to integrate the payment system and the Website?

    The Nets Estonia AS provides instructions in regard of integration of the payment system and other technical solutions related to E-Commerce.

  • Our company has not received the user ID and password for the I-payment terminal.

    User ID and password for the I-payment terminal belong to the technical solution of the Nets Estonia AS. Therefore please contact the Nets Estonia AS. Laki 12, 10621 Tallinn, phone 6711 477, fax 6711 420 E-mail: estcard@estcard.ee.

  • What is the maximum period from entry of card data until the moment funds are received in the company's account?

    The pace of receipt of the funds depends on the time of sending the transactions. E-Commerce contract establishes that the transaction amount (less commission) shall be received in the merchant's account within ten banking days. Usually funds are received quicker and two banking days can be expected.

  • What to do in case of failure to receive the transaction amount?

    First, perform a check in the I payment terminal Web environment in order to establish whether the transaction was transferred. If the transaction was correctly transferred, an application must be submitted to the nearest Swedbank branch or via Swedbank Internet bank for business clients in the form of a bank message so that the Bank would be able to solve the problem.

  • Is it possible to obtain a separate report in regard of transaction receipts? How can we link the client's name and the transaction executed?

    The Nets Estonia AS as the provider of technical support to E-Commerce administers the processing, monitoring and reporting related to transactions. Thus you should approach directly the Nets Estonia AS.

  • How many days must pass from payment when one can be absolutely sure that everything is OK with the transaction?

    After the transaction amount has been received in the merchant's account, the card owner may still submit a claim and it may happen that the merchant has to return the received amount. Claims can be submitted within six months from making the payment. One should always consider the possibility that claims result from the goods or services offered to the client.

  • Whom should we contact in case we suspect fraud?

    In case of suspected fraud you must immediately contact Swedbank.
  • What should we do if we want to make a refund to the client? Can we also transfer money via Moneygram in case the client is in a hurry to recover money?

    In order to cancel a transaction, an application comprising transaction data and the cause for cancellation of the transaction must be sent to Swedbank. Submitting an application is the only way to cancel the transaction and other channels must not be used for return of money. The client has to be notified of the cancelled transaction.
  • What is the meaning of these four annexes to the contract

    • Annex 1 - Technical information for the company's IT specialist or for a partner. Information comprised in the annex provides an overview of how an enquiry regarding a card transaction must be forwarded to the Nets Estonia AS and in what form the Nets Estonia AS responds to the enquiry.
    • Annex 2 - An overview of opportunities offered to you by the Web environment software of the Nets Estonia AS. This software is also a part of I-Payment terminal.
    • Annex 3 - Requirements related to the Web page design and transaction receipt and information on the prevention of fraud and cancellation of a transaction.
    • Annex 4 - Ensuring security of client information. Although entering data directly into the server of the Nets Estonia AS prevents one of the major threats – credit card information becoming available to third persons – the whole data exchange process must be thoroughly monitored. Read in detail here.
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