Acceptance of card payments

Wide selection of payment terminals for every POS.

  • A convenient solution for clients that can help boost your turnover.
  • Money from card transactions reaches the company quickly, generally by the next morning.
  • Less settlement with cash.
  • Detailed overview of card transactions as a consolidated statement in the Internet Bank or in Swedbank Gateway.
  • Regular free training on how to accept card payments.

Options servicing of payments card

Smart terminal NEW!

  • Suitable for businesses with fixed or mobile point of sale and for soul proprietors (e.g hairdresser, chimney sweeper, farmer, fair merchant).
  • Operates with Android and iOS operating system for smart phone and tablet.
  • Recommended up to 50 transactions per day, suits also for rare transactions because there is no fixed expenses.
  • Also receives contactless payments.
  • Easy to adjust and does not need the bank’s installation.
  • Terminal is small in size and comfortable to be carried around.
  • There is no paper receipt, if needed the seller can send it to client’s e-mail or via SMS.
  • Monthly fee is 0 €. Smart terminal purchase fee 104 €+VAT (Seller: Hansab AS).
    Commission fee on the transaction amount 1,45%.
  • The merchant must buy the terminal.


Stationary terminal

  • Suitable for fixed location businesses.
  • Needs fixed Internet connection.
  • Recommended from 50 transactions per day.
  • Terminal can be chosen with bluetooth connection which gives the opportunity to move within 200 meter radius and take card payments without leaving the client.
  • It is possible to be connected with the cash register system, so there is no need for manual input which reduces mistakes.
  • The terminal is going to be installed by Swedbank’s partner.
  • The terminal has monthly fee. Review the price list


Mobile terminal

  • Suitable for fixed or mobile point of sale.
  • It can be used all over Estonia, all it needs is a mobile connection.
  • Recommended from 50 transactions per day.
  • Utmost advantage is that transaction can be made without leaving the client.
  • The terminal is going to be installed by Swedbank’s partner.
  • The terminal has monthly fee. Review the price list


Cash register system

In addition to terminals, card payments can also be made through the cash register system.

  • Suitable for businesses which have a lot of transactions per day.
  • Cash register system can also be connected to payment terminals and it has to be certified by Swedbank.

For more information on certified cash register systems and their suppliers, contact the Swedbank on 613 2300 or e-mail

In case of interest contact your manager or consultation centre on 613 2222.


We enter into contracts for serving payment cards with legal entities registered in Estonia or another European Union Member State and sole traders registered in Estonia who have a current account in Swedbank.


We offer card payment terminals for accepting both chip and magnet stripe cards. The terminal’s installation is free of charge, usually within one week of entry into the payment card contract. It is possible to get a terminal within 24 hours for an extra charge.

Price list for services

Start-ups can get a card payment terminal for 6 months at a 50% discount

We help all start-ups take off! We offer the opportunity to rent a payment terminal for 6 months at a 50% discount from the price list.

Read more about start-up discounts

Card payment acceptance training

We provide information about the following during the training:

  • procedures for accepting card payments and exceptions
  • chip card transactions
  • security elements of payment cards
  • card fraud

The training is free of charge and lasts approximately 2 hours.

Tallinn course:

Date: 30. September 2016 (in Estonian)
Time: 10.00
Place: Baltic Small Hall, 9th floor, Swedbank, Liivalaia 10, Tallinn
Number of places: 20

Tartu course:

Date: 11. October 2016 (in Estonian)
Time: 11.00
Place: Swedbank Tartu, Turu 1, Zeus hall
Number of places: 40

Registration for training:

By e-mail:
Telephone: 613 2300
Please give the name of your company and the names of the persons who will be attending the training course when you register.

Ingenico ICT220

Smart terminal

Terminal user manual