Business Debit Card

New design!

Debit card with credit card features

  • Shop online, rent cars, book plane tickets and hotels.
  • Fast and secure contactless payments.
  • Order the card to your company's contact address.
  • Deposit money into your company’s account via Swedbank’s ATMs across Estonia.
Convenient to use in both brick-and-mortar stores and online
  • Suitable for all types of business purchases, including over the internet and enable your employees to use the funds in the company's account.
  • It is important for shopping at online retail outlets to be convenient and secure. In order to pay with the card online you must activate Secure Internet Shopping.
  • Online payments will be activated automatically in the case of renewed and replaced cards that are sent via post if this function was activated for the previous card.

Activate Secure Internet Shopping

Manage user rights and limits easily
  • If several card users share the credit limit, you may use the Internet or Mobile Bank to assign every user separate limits for purchases and cash transactions.
  • By adjusting the user rights settings, you can allow or disable various card transactions like payments, withdrawals, deposits, ATM payments, contactless functionality and account statement or balance requests.
  • User rights and limits can be changed by the legal representative of the company who, according to the commercial register, is authorised to represent the company alone, by using Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, ID-card or digital ID.
Use contactless payments
  • The contactless card enables you to make purchases quickly and conveniently without having to enter your PIN. You only need to tap the card against the payment terminal.
  • Contactless payment feature can be enabled or disabled. The change will take effect after one payment confirmed with PIN.
  • If you accidentally tap the terminal two or more times, only the first tap is registered.
  • Time to time some smaller purchases will still need to be confirmed using your PIN.
New debit card

The easiest way to order and sign an agreement is via Internet Bank

The debit card can be delivered by post to the company’s contact address with-in country.

A debit card agreement can be signed in the Internet Bank:

  • by the company’s legal representative who has the sole right of representation according to the commercial register;
  • with Smart ID, Mobile ID, ID card or Digi ID.

If the person who orders the card is not authorised to sign the agreement or doesn’t have proper authentication tools, it will be sent to the Internet Bank for approval by a person who has the respective authorisation in the company. The card agreement must be signed within 7 business days, otherwise it will be irrevocably cancelled.

Delivery within 5-10 days

  • The card will be made and sent via post to the company’s contact address provided to the bank. For security reasons, we send only inactive cards by post. After receiving your bank card, you must activate it via the Internet Bank.
  • If card delivered to chosen Swedbank branch and agreement is already signed, then the card could picked-up by signing person as well card holder.

Order the card

Automatically renewed card
  • Card will be automatically renewed if such order was given by client and renewing is in accordance to card agreement conditions. You can change renewing status as well as the delivery method and address for a card via the Internet Bank not later than 60 days before the expiry date of existing card.
  • Renewed debit card will be delivered at least two weeks before the expiry of the old card to your company's contact address or a suitable Swedbank branch.
  • Renewed cards will have their former PIN.
  • Renewed card can be used only after activating.

Order the card to your company's contact address

  • Sending the card via mail is free of charge within Estonia.
  • Make sure that your company's contact address is correct before ordering the card.
  • Your company's contact address changes automatically if you change the card delivery address.
  • The bank card can also be ordered and picked up at Swedbank branches.


Effective as of 01.11.2019
Issuing the first debit card associated with an account free of charge
Issuing an additional card associated with an account according to price list
Renewal of a card free of charge
A temporary ATM card (valid for 1 month)
issuing a card 2,50 €
Business Debit Card MC Business Debit.
issuing a card 2,50 €
monthly fee of a card 1,50 €
monthly fee of a card with the possibility of making cash deposits 0,50 €

General service and transaction fees

Cash deposit in euros in home bank's terminal A limit of 15,000 euros per month on cash deposited in ATMs will be applied to debit cards.The fee is charged on the amount that exceeds 5 000 € per calendar month and the cash is deposited in home bank’s terminal. The service fee is client-based on the basis of calculation is a calendar month.
up to 5000 € per calendar month free of charge
over 5000 € per calendar month 0,25% of the deposited amount that exceeds 5000 €
Cash withdrawal
from terminals of your home bank 0,19 € + 0.3% of the amount
from other bank’s terminals in Estonia and abroad 1,92 € + 2,5% of the amount
with debit cards issued by Swedbank from Swedbank Group ATMs in Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden ATM in Sweden is Bankomat. 0,19 € 0.3% of the amount
Balance inquiry and statement in Swedbank’s terminals in Estonia free of charge
Balance inquiry in other bank’s terminals in Estonia and abroad The availability of the service in a foreign country depends on the foreign bank's ATM technical possibilities and service can be used with MasterCard/Maestro cards. 0,32€/query
Making payments in ATMs and payment terminals
an intra-bank payment 0,16 €
domestic payment 0,38 €
Payment in a commercial enterprise free of charge
Closure of a card free of charge
A copy of the receipt of a card transaction (inquiry)
a transaction in Estonia 4 €
a transaction abroad 8 €
Demand for refund, unjustified
a transaction in Estonia 12 €
a transaction abroad 16 € (In case disputing card transaction made abroad, additional costs of the card organisations may apply)
Sending a card from one branch to another The price is inclusive of VAT at the rate of 20%. 2,50 €
Sending a card by mail
mail (Estonia) free of charge
Conversion fee for transactions in foreign currencies Added to the amount of every transaction made with the card if the card transaction is in a currency other than the euro. 1% of transaction amount
Penalty 0.2% a day
Emergency cash assistance in abroad in Western Union service points If the ordered service is canceled, the bank will not refund the service fee. 40 €
Retrieval of bank cards from other banks from Swedbank ATMs 30 €

Debit Card agreement terms and conditions

  • If you receive card via post, then renewed card can be activated via the Internet Bank.
  • Once the agreement is signed when ordering a debit card, it can be activated in the Internet Bank by fully authorized users.
  • If the card agreement was not signed upon ordering or if the card is automatically renewed, it can only be activated with together with agreement signing.
  • A card agreement could be signed: by the company’s legal representative who has the sole right of representation according to the commercial register: with Smart ID, Mobile ID, ID card or Digi ID.
  • The card received in branch is activated by a branch employee before handing it over. If card agreement is already signed, then the card could picked up by signing person as well card holder. If not – by person who, according to the bank’s data or commercial register is authorized to represent the company and sign the agreement.

Activate card

Card blocking and closing
  • If you suspect you have lost your card, you can temporarily disable it through our mobile app (Android only). You have 10 days to reopen your card if you should find it or it will be automatically closed.
  • If a bank card is stolen, it must be closed immediately. You could do it by calling our business client consultation center on 6 132 222.
  • If your card is lost or stolen abroad and you are unable to contact us, you can block the card by calling the 24-hour MasterCard card foreign helpline +1 636 722 7111 (charged) or a toll-free helpline in the country of location.

In case of a new debit card, the PIN is issued in a separate envelope when you receive the card by post or collect it at branch.

Renewed cards will have their former PIN. If you would like to secure PIN then you can change it in Swedbank ATMs in Estonia.

In security reasons it is allowed to insert PIN wrongly only 2 times. After 3rd time PIN will be automatically blocked.

  • If you block your PIN in POS then you can unblock it in ATM by inserting the correct one in first time.
  • If you block your PIN in ATM or can’t remember the PIN, you need to order the new card.
Disputing card transactions

You can dispute a card transaction sending the bank message, call to consultation center 6 132 222 or turn to nearest branch if:

  • you discover that your account statement includes transactions for which you did not aware of or not reach an agreement with the merchant or service provider;
  • an ATM fails to make a deposit or a withdrawal. For instance, in cases when an ATM does not issue cash upon withdrawal, but the sum is debited from the account or when a deposit is not added to your account.

Your company's financial security is one of Swedbank's top priorities. We encourage you to be responsible users of payment cards and to observe the security conditions for payment cards usage.

  • Only the cardholder - the person whose name appears on the card - may use the card. Do not let anyone, even a close person, to use the card issued in another person’s name.
  • Make sure that you as a cardholder always know where your payment card is.
  • If you pay by card, do not let the person serving you take it to a back room on their own because card data may be stolen.
  • Always check the transaction amount that you approve with the card.
  • Check card transactions regularly via Business Internet Banking or the Swedbank mobile app. If any transaction seems suspicious, please contact the bank immediately.
  • It is not recommended to send card number by post or disclose it over the telephone when making a purchase because card data may be misused for fraudulent transactions but, if there are no other options, please be extra careful.
  • Be careful when using the ATMs of other banks. Some ATMs return payment card before dispensing the money. Make sure that you collect your payment card and the requested amount of cash before you leave the ATM.
  • When a cardholder gets a new card, they will also receive a PIN that is known only to them. Renewed cards will keep their former PIN.
  • Do not tell or show the PIN to anyone, not even to bank employees.
  • Memorise it, do not write down the PIN on the card or anywhere else where it can be seen by others.
  • For payment approval, try to enter the PIN so that no one else can see it. The card can be stolen and be used by somebody else. If the card with PIN code is used by a thief, it is the customer’s own responsibility.
  • If you suspect that the PIN has become known to someone else or if the bank has notified you of the need to change your PIN, the cardholder must change it immediately. It can be done at any Swedbank ATM. When selecting new PIN, do not re-use your old PIN.
  • Do not use identical PIN codes for different cards for the ease of memorising them.
  • If a bank card is lost or stolen, it must be closed immediately. This can be done on the Business Internet Banking site, the mobile app or by calling our business client consultation centre on 6 132 222. For security reasons, we advise cardholders to keep Swedbank's phone number in their phone's memory.
  • If your card is lost or stolen abroad and you are unable to contact us, you can block the card by calling the 24-hour MasterCard card foreign helpline +1 636 722 7111 (charged) or VISA card 24h international assistance line on +1 410 581 9994 (charged).

A card enabling additional money for your company that can also be used to pay bills.

A card enabling additional money and secure travel for your company.