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  • NEW! Fast and reliable parcel delivery in Estonia and Europe.
  • Largest online personal growth platform in the world.
  • Smart and reliable e-accounting.
  • User-friendly webhosting for your homepage, e-shop and e-mail.
  • Valuable benefits for Business Gold Credit Card users.

Mindvalley All Access program for the whole year at least 60% off from the regular price

  • Mindvalley All Access gives you access to all online courses, including the new Quest program, which combines daily micro-learning with other students around the world.
  • You have more than 100 expert trainers at your disposal.
  • Bite-sized trainings will help you to confidently complete the program.
  • Mindvalley online platform and courses are available in English.

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This could be your company’s success story:

31% More Productive Teams

Mindvally learners consistently get more things done than their peers. By focusing on what matters and removing distractions, they achieve better outcomes in less time. Using Mindvally’s courses on productivity, they fully utilize the power of momentum.

(According to Forbes)

22% More Profitable Business

Mindvally learners use what they learned to improve the company they work for in thousands of little ways — all of which add up to significant profit growth. Using Mindvally’s courses on mindset they help everyone dream a bit bigger.

(According to Gallup)

37% Higher Revenue Growth

Mindvally learners develop habits that enable them to drive sales growth at a level that is truly remarkable.

(According to Forbes)

84% Better Role Proficiency

Mindvally learners become more proficient in their leadership roles inside their company. They more quickly take mentoring and turn it into improved job performance.

(According to Harvard)

87% Higher Employee Retention

Mindvally learners aren't likely to jump to the next opportunity at the first sign of conflict. They value what they do and those they do it with. Using Mindvally’s courses on collaboration, they develop into an awesome team.

(According to Qualtrics)

82% More Competitive

Mindvally learners want to win. And they willing to do everything they can to help the company they work for compete at a higher level. Using Mindvally’s courses on business, they hone their skills into an advantage that makes you formidable.

(According to Deloitte)

  • Paper-free accounting software that has been integrated into the Internet Bank.
  • Banking transactions are transferred to the accounting software quickly and automatically – you do not need to import or export any files.

Customer Support: phone +372 6 688 961, e-mail:

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ERPLY Books is a cloud-based, user-friendly professional accounting software that is automatically connected to Swedbank. The programme has all the necessary accounting functions for managing the accounts of small and medium-sized companies.

  • Prepared payments can be made with just one click.
  • ERPLY Books accounting software main module usage for free.
  • 30-day free trial period for advanced features.

If you do not have an accountant, you can choose between our partners IMG Numeri OÜ and FTA OÜ.

Introduction of ERPLY Books

Integrated into the Internet Bank of Swedbank

You can make banking transactions completely automatic with the ERPLY Books accounting software. Synchronisation takes place at five-minute intervals and you are not required to upload or download any files in order to make payments.


Enables you to create and send sales invoices and check to whom the invoice has been forwarded. You can send reminders to those who have not paid their invoices.

Mailbox of purchase invoices

You have your own unique e-mail address where you can send all your purchase invoices. Invoices will be automatically created from your e-mail attachments once you have set the appropriate settings. In other cases you can use PDF and scanners in order to create invoices. Since all files are stored, you can ensure paper-free accounting.

Fully meets the accountant’s needs as well

In addition to invoice and payment functions, ERPLY Books is also equipped with other necessary accounting functions: manual journals, general ledger, fixed assets, payroll, etc.


ERPLY Books has necessary reports for all parties: head of the company, tax authorities, accountant and auditor. Check your profitability from your 12 month balance sheet, monitor detailed statements of your accounts, file value added tax returns automatically, and create custom reports according to the auditor’s requirements with the report generator.

Also suitable for bigger companies

ERPLY Books gives you an opportunity to start out simple but also allows for flexible growth. In case you have several departments and wish to monitor different cost and revenue centres, set automatic regulations or connect the software with other internal information systems, all these options are available in ERPLY Books.
How does integration work?
  • ERPLY Books synchronises all banking transactions within a couple of minutes of making them. In case you can connect payments with invoices and/or accounts, the programme will save the payments and create the corresponding entries.
  • Without any user-based regulations, approximately 80–90% of payments will be automatically connected to invoices and accounts.
  • The whole process can be entirely automated by adding the corresponding settings.
  • If you want to make purchase invoices/salaries/other payments, you can do so by clicking on the button “Send to bank”. You do not have to download or upload any files. NB! ERPLY Books will send the payments to the bank – the final confirmation of payment must be given on the Internet Bank.
  • You can make the payment process automatic by using the purchase mailbox and confirming invoices. The supplier sends you an invoice → ERPLY Books saves it and sends a confirmation request by e-mail → You confirm it and send the corresponding payment directly to Swedbank by e-mail.
The integration of ERPLY Books and the Internet Bank of Swedbank is useful for everybody
  • Accountants

By using the accountant panel, you can manage the pending payments of all companies, to which the programme has not found a suitable equivalent. For instance, you manage 30 companies, 20 of which had payments the day before – you can see from the panel that three companies have payments that need to be manually checked.

  • Small companies

Make sure that the processes regarding your claims and payables are as automatic and up-to-date as possible. This enables you to focus on your business activities.

  • E-commerce companies

The integration of the Internet Bank enables you to operate in real-time: you can start filling out the order immediately after receiving the payment and the whole process only takes five minutes (placing the order → paying for the order → preparing the order → sending out the package).

  • Retail and wholesale

Real-time payments provide better credit limit control for cash register employees.

Pay as you go

0 € per month


10 € per month

Try for free!


50 € per month

Main functionalities (accounting, general ledger)
Invoices 1000 per month 1000 per month Unlimited
Email support
Users 2 2 5
Additional user 5 € per user 5 € per user 5 € per user
Purchase inbox (per invoice) 0.15 € per invoice 0.15 € per invoice Unlimited
Additional services
Bank import 1 €
Fixed assets 1 €
VAT report 1 €
Send emails 1 €
E-invoices 1 €
Create payment files 1 €
Customer report 5 €
Projects, objects, dimensions 5 €
Detailed P/L and balance sheet 5 €
Invoice customization 5 €
Invoice integrations, API 5 €
Recurring invoices 5 €
Payroll 5 € 5 €
Report generator 10 € 10 €
Email address for Purchase Inbox with your own domain name 10 € 10 €
Currency management 10 € 10 €
Management reports 10 € 10 €
Automatic reminder letters 10 € 10 €
Invoice approval 10 € 10 €
Additional location 10 € 10 €
Phone support 10 € per location 10 € per location 10 € per location
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  • A comprehensive solution that makes your business visible online
  • The service is used by more than 15,000 Estonian companies
  • Fast, secure and customer-friendly solution

Customer Support: phone +372 683 5188, e-mail:

Use the offer (Elkdata OÜ) is a hosting provider with the largest selection of European domains in Estonia and the accredited registrar of .ee domains, servicing more than 25,000 domains daily.

  • Domain (web address)
  • A trusted e-mail address
  • A suitable website tool – WordPress
  • E-shop solution on Woocommerce platform – suitable for both smaller and large product range

Choose the package that suits your business – just e-mail or e-mail and website (including e-shop if necessary).

How can I use this offer?

Register a new domain or relocate the old one.

Choose the package that suits your business – just e-mail or e-mail and website (including e-shop if necessary).

Select the appropriate website or e-shop tool - WordPress or Woocommerce.

If you have any questions, please contact the customer support of

30% off all services during the first six months

  1. Discount calculated on the basis of standard fares
  2. Discount available only to new DPD customers
  3. Offer available after concluding a cooperation agreement
  • 8 depots
  • 270 couriers
  • 127 Pickup points

Customer support: +372 613 0020

Make use of the offer

Parcels delivered in Estonia within one to two business days, depending on the destination. Goods are transported door to door. Suitable for standard B2B consignments. Parcel delivered by the courier to your home, office or left with the neighbours – delivery at a time and to a location convenient for you. You will be notified of the delivery time with the accuracy of one hour. If the time does not suit you, you can redirect the delivery, even to your neighbour’s address, if necessary. Goods are transported door to door. Designed for situations where speed is essential. Suitable for both domestic and international consignments. Domestic consignments delivered by a specified time on the next business day. Suitable for standard B2B consignments. DPD Pickup is a rapidly expanding network of outdoor parcel lockers and parcel robots for sending and receiving parcels. All DPD Pickup lockers and robots are at easily accessible locations.

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