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  • Largest online personal growth platform in the world.
  • Smart and reliable e-accounting.
  • User-friendly webhosting for your homepage, e-shop and e-mail.
  • Convenient apartment association management software.
  • Valuable benefits for Business Gold Credit Card users.

Free online training for two employees in your company for a year

  • Mindvalley Mentoring for Business program offers online trainings from the world’s best teachers, thinkers, and visionaries. You have over 100 expert teachers.
  • More than 5 million innovators, business leaders and entrepreneurs have realized their greatest potential using Mindvalley’s platform.
  • Bite-sized trainings that are easy to finish.
  • Mindvalley’s platform and online trainings are available in English.
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This could be your company’s success story:

31% More Productive Teams

Mindvally learners consistently get more things done than their peers. By focusing on what matters and removing distractions, they achieve better outcomes in less time. Using Mindvally’s courses on productivity, they fully utilize the power of momentum.

(According to Forbes)

22% More Profitable Business

Mindvally learners use what they learned to improve the company they work for in thousands of little ways — all of which add up to significant profit growth. Using Mindvally’s courses on mindset they help everyone dream a bit bigger.

(According to Gallup)

37% Higher Revenue Growth

Mindvally learners develop habits that enable them to drive sales growth at a level that is truly remarkable.

(According to Forbes)

84% Better Role Proficiency

Mindvally learners become more proficient in their leadership roles inside their company. They more quickly take mentoring and turn it into improved job performance.

(According to Harvard)

87% Higher Employee Retention

Mindvally learners aren't likely to jump to the next opportunity at the first sign of conflict. They value what they do and those they do it with. Using Mindvally’s courses on collaboration, they develop into an awesome team.

(According to Qualtrics)

82% More Competitive

Mindvally learners want to win. And they willing to do everything they can to help the company they work for compete at a higher level. Using Mindvally’s courses on business, they hone their skills into an advantage that makes you formidable.

(According to Deloitte)