Institute for Finances


The Institute for Private Finances is an independent part of Swedbank. It has for decades observed closely issues related to private finances and worked for educating Swedish public in matters of private economy. Today similar educational activities exist in the home markets of the bank in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Institute for Private Finances covers areas that influence private finances and based on its own analyses it publishes independent and objective advice from an individual’s perspective. The vision is to make it easier for private persons to improve their finances through greater insight into their conditions and opportunities.

The Institute for Private Finance was started in its present operational pattern at the beginning of 1960s. Currently it employs 10 persons.

Index of Security Capital

The index of security capital shows how well you and your family are protected in case of unexpected financial setbacks. It is a simple formula that is based on a logic similar to the body mass index. Everyone who knows the sum of their monthly income, savings, loans and insurances can calculate if they are well enough protected.

Life insurance amount
Credit liabilities
Net monthly income