Swedbank Group Policy

Our manner of conduct:

  • ethical and transparent;
  • complies with sustainable development and social welfare;
  • considers the expectations of interest groups;
  • operates in compliance with valid legislation and international norms and standards.

The Swedbank Group defines the social responsibility of the company as the responsibility of the impact of its decisions and activities on the society and the environment.

Work Standards

Companies must support freedom of association and actual recognition of the right to collective bargaining, elimination of all forms of forced labour and mandatory work, factual abolishment of the use of child labour and prohibiting any discrimination in terms of profession or in any other areas of work.

In the Swedbank Group, this means the following:

  • Creation of such working conditions in Swedbank that comply with the principles of the global agreement and with valid legal standards and rules.
  • Active consideration of work standards in business activities and avoiding business activities that ignore the work standards stipulated in the global agreement.


Companies should support a preventive attitude towards environmental problems, start initiatives for promoting environmental responsibility and support the development and distribution of environmentally friendly technologies.

In the Swedbank Group, this means the following:

  • Active development of environmental responsibility in association with the business activities of Swedbank and consideration of business opportunities and risks from the viewpoint of the environment in one’s activities.
  • Keeping up to date with global environmental problems and the opportunities of Swedbank to make a direct or indirect impact on such problems.
  • Considering the environmental impact in the development and offering of products and services.

Human Rights

Companies should support and adhere to internationally recognised principles for protection of human rights. Participation in the violation of human rights must be avoided.

In the Swedbank Group, this means the following:

  • Inimõigustega seotud aspektide aktiivne kaalumine äritegevuses ning inimõigusi mis tahes viisil eiravate tegevuste vältimine.
  • Active consideration of aspects associated with human rights in business activities and avoidance of all activities that violate human rights in any manner whatsoever.

Fight against Corruption

Companies should fight corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribes.

In the Swedbank Group, this means the following:

  • Active work aimed against corruption and bribes, which proceeds from the group’s policy of ethics.
  • Active work aimed against money laundering and terrorist financing, which proceeds from the group’s policy for prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.