Swedbank in Estonia

Swedbank is the largest bank in Estonia as it has more than 900,000 private and 132,000 business customers

We offer a wide selection of financial services, including accounts, mortgages, insurances, credit cards, loans, pensions and investments, both for private customers and companies. Our goal is to help people and companies keep their finances in order over the long term. We follow three guiding values in all our activities: we are simple, open and caring.

  • We have the largest network of bank representations and ATM-s in Estonia (45 representations and nearly 400 ATM-s); our customers are also able to withdraw cash at 38 stores in rural areas. Our customers have round-the-clock access to their finances through our consultation centre, internet bank and mobile app.
  • We support and participate in various initiatives that help Estonian society to grow. We aim to promote financial literacy and entrepreneurship and to contribute into social participation through the development of the entire society.
Swedbank in Estonia - who we are?

Swedbank and taxes


Swedbank is one of Estonia's biggest taxpayers. For the year 2017, Swedbank will pay state taxes in the sum of 89 million euros. This increase is due to the fact that we have decided to discard future capital accumulation and to pay profits out as dividends. As of 2017, Swedbank will pay the entire profit as dividend, paying income tax on the entire sum paid out right away as well.

Therefore, we will pay 43 million euros of corporate income tax and 10 million euros of VAT for 2017. Last year, the bank contributed 27 million euros through various taxes on labour. Additionally, the bank paid 9 million euros in various regulatory fees and charges in 2017.


For the year 2016, the bank paid a total of 68 million euros in state taxes, of which 25 million euros were made up of corporate income tax and 8 million euros of value added tax (VAT). The bank contributed 26 million euros through various taxes on labour. In addition, 8 million euros were paid as various regulatory fees and charges.

Robert Kitt

  • Chairman of the Board, Head of Swedbank

Ede Raagmets

  • Member of the Board, Head of Customer Service

Kaie Metsla

  • Member of the Board, Executive Manager of Private Customer Banking

Vaiko Tammeväli

  • Member of the Board, Chief Financial Officer in Estonia

Liisi Himma

  • Member of the Board, Head of Corporate Customer Division
Olavi Lepp
Member of the Board, Head of Risk Division

In addition to Swedbank Board members, Swedbank Management consist of:

Ülle Matt

  • Head of Human Resources

Riho Roopõld

  • Head of Legal Divison

Kerstin Pilt

  • Head of Compliance

Kristiina Herodes

  • Head of Communication